The Angry Budgie Live

Monday, 27 July 2009

Bang Goes theTheory

Not sure how many of you will have seen this, but there's a great show started tonight on the Beeb. Its called Bang Goes the Theory and its all done live! The raather snazzy trailer went along the lines of this cracking advert from Honda.

So keep an eye out for the next show, but here's the first experiment that 'almost' worked 100%, but is still very cool!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Angry Budgie on Tour - Blur Hyde Park 2nd July 2009

Right sorry for taking so long to post this, the gf booked two tickets to go and see Blur for the first of their two days at Hyde Park. We tagged on a couple of extra days in London to do the sightseeing bit too!

Ill admit that Blur are not my thing, I was more an Oasis fan back in the day. But I know the songs and was looking forward to it anyway! We stayed just of Hyde Park so had a nice stroll through the park to the venue. After Download a couple of weekends before hand, its funny to see all the food stalls and bars that must do the festival circuit! Tuborg must have a monopoly on festival beer too!

So cant really remember the support act but hey ho onto Blur. A darn big stage saw the return of Blur and the crowd go wild! The band looked pretty happy too! Ill admit most songs I wasn't 100% familiar with but I was with the hits. Thanks to good weather and good music it was a top evening. Though ill admit to wanting Blue to play Song 2 on repeat for 2 hours!

But they couldn't so highlights were:

'There's no otherway'
'Park Life'
'Girls and Boys'
'Country House'
'Coffee and TV'

and 'Song 2'

So even though im not a big fan, I enjoyed the gig and our time in London village!

Anyway as mentioned sorry for the lack of updates, its the summer slow season!
But upcoming highlights of the blog will be going on tour to The Offspring, Holland (again!) and DragonForce. Plus things will get exciting in the run up to the new season! So keep peeps!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, ive not given up on this blog! But im sure as most of you hockey fans will know, summer time sees next to nothing happening on a regular basis!

I do have a write up on a recent 'The Angry Budgie on Tour' posting which saw the blog trek off to Hyde Park in London for a recent Blur gig. Ill write that up and have it online soon! Plus The Angry Budgie will again be off on its summer holidays towards the end of summer. Were taking the car on the ferry and across to Holland again! The usual holiday review and pictures will follow!

Anyhow the Phoenix are building their squad nicely, and once we have a full time ill put together a post on that too!

Anyway take care everyone!