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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers vs Mississippi State Game Review Saturday 26th September

Next up last weekend for the LSU Tigers was an away game against Mississippi State in the Davis Wade Stadium in Starkeville. This would be a tough game against the number 7 ranked team! Anyway without further ado onto the game!

First Quarter: It was to be a poor start for Mississippi when, on the first snap of the game, the snap by Lee slipped through his recievers hands into LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson's fingers. He then ran untouched for 37 yards to the endzone. With 12min 47sec on the clock the Tigers were 6-0 to the good, the extra point conversion was not held by LSU holder Derek Helton. Mississippi were on the board when they drove 66 yards over nine plays to the LSU 2 yard line. Dixon then took a great misdirected pass and dived over to score. Add in the conversion and with 7min 14sec the Buldogs held a 7-6 lead. Not to be outdone LSU then went on their own nine play 66 yard drive, culminating in a touchdown for LaFell and the extra point made the scores 13-7 with 3min 45sec left in the quarter. Sadly for LSU a special teams mistake would hand the Buldogs the lead. After Alex Russian hiked the ball over Helton's head the Buldogs finished off with a 1 yard touchdown drive. This out Mississippi ahead 14 -13.

Second Quarter: The only score of the game was to come to LSU, after a fumble by Mississippi's running back Arnil Stallworth, LSU converted a 22 yard field goal. Scores at half time 16-14 to LSU.

Third Quarter: LSU started the second half in style, with plenty of time on the ball Jefferson aimed a 58 yard touchdown dart into the hands of LaFell, this gave LSU a lead of 23 points to 14 with 13min 30sec in the quarter. The Buldogs pressed hard and with 6min 33 sec on the clock they were rewarded. Marcus Green caught a 50 yard pass from Tyson Lee for a fine touchdown. Scores now 23-21 to LSU.

Fourth Quarter: What was to come was something special, Chad Jones fielded a punt on the LSU 7 yard line and running down the left sideline ran for 93 yards to the Mississippi endzone. This was LSU's second logest punt return in their history. After that impressive score LSU were 30-21 in the lead with 14min 36sec left in the game. The Bulldog's new they had to press for a score, and with a 46 yard catch by O'Neil Wilder the Buldogs had to settle for a 22 yard field goal. With 10min 13sec the scores were 30-24 to LSU. The LSU defence held firm and the final score was to come from the Buldogs, with 51sec to go in the game, Helton was confined to the LSU endzone and rather than punt from there elected to step out of the endzone for a safety. Final score Mississippi 26 LSU 30.

Attendance: 53,612 the sixth largest in stadium history!

LSU Tiger TV Highlights:
To come

So next up for LSU is Georgia, then the biggie against the Gators!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Florida Gators vs Kentuky Review Saturday 26th September

Last saturday saw the Gators finally go out on the road, next stop Lexington and a matchup in the Commonwealth stadium. The chance for a 4-0 season awaiting the gators!

First Quarter: After beginning on their own 34 yard line the Florida Gators were quickly in a scoring position with a first and goal opportunity, Sadly for the blue and orange they had to settle for three points, when Caleb Sturgis scored a 22 yard field goal with 11min 13sec left on the quarter. After forcing Kentuky to punt from their own end zone the Gators were in great field position. Tebow was able to rush for a three yard touchdown, and with the conversion Florida were 10-0 with 7min 11sec to go. More misery was to come the way of Kentuky, another punt from their endzone, this time was blocked by Chris Rainey. Another touchdown and conversion had the Gators up 17-0. The next Gator possetion yielded a 58 yard scoring drive, capped by a two yard rush with 2min 35sec to play. The 2min and 34second drive ended with a 13yard touchdown pass for David Nelson. To cap it off Aaron Hernadez caught a 44 yard touchdown pass in the closing seconds of the quarter putting the Gators 31-0 ahead.

Second Quarter: The Gators defence held firm in the initial stages until the 8min 48sec mark. The Wildcats went on a 14 play 58yard drive, capped by a two yard reception on a fourth and goal score by Ross Boque. This cut the lead to 31-7 in the first half.

Third Quarter: With 3min 49sec remaining The Gators got their first points in the second half with a 32 yard field goal from Sturgis. Not much else happened in the quarter!

Fourth Quarter: After trading possession until the Gators forced Kentuky to punt from their endzone. The resulting reception and drive got the Gators to the Wildcats 8 yard line. Brantley only needed on play to connect with Riley Cooper on an 8 yard touchdown pass. This score now 41-7 with 6min 39seconds, this score was to prove to be the final of the game.

Attendance: 71,011 in Kentuky.

The Gainesville Sun Review:


Next up for the Gators, its the big one in Tennessee against the LSU Fighting Tigers!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Phoenix v Milton Keynes 27th September Game Review

In a homecoming game for Nick Poole, the MK Lightning skated into Altrincham for a top of the table clash. Supported by some fine (and noisy) support the stage was set for a cracking game! Like the Lightning the Phoenix came into this came off the back of a difficult win in Sheffield saturday night. By all accounts the Phoenix had not played well! Anyway onto the game, two points and a 4 and 0 record were on the line!

First Period: From the off it was obvious this game was going to be instense and fast! From the initial exchanges the MK Lighning made it clear they were the best team to have played on the Alty ice so far. Huge physical presence and pressure backed up by some skillfull play and excelent goaltending, from veteran Barry Hollyhead. Some good chances in the first, however it was MK who had the most clear cut opportunities. The first goal was to come (unsurprisingly) from MK with Adam Carr netting while short handed, you may discount what I say next as im a Phoenix fan, but this goal should not have stood. The ref managed to miss a rather obvious hook on Hagelberg in front of the Lightning goal. This was followed by the lightning skating up the ice to score! After some poor powerplay's from the Phoenix (who had 4 by this point) MK showed them how it was done. With just over 17 seconds of their first powerplay Steve Fone was picking the puck from his net. Ross Bowers scoring and humiliating the Poenix! The only bright spot of the period for the Phoenix faitfull was a stunning diving save from Fone early in the game!

Second Period: Thankfully the Phoenix upped the pressure in the second, and were finally rewarded after 27min 59sec on the powerplay (yes the power play) Tony Hand found Hagelberg in front of the net to score. A good goal, after the Phoenix had finally managed to drag Hollyhead around his goal and out of position. The Phoenix then camped out in the MK zone trying to get the game tying goal, but it wasn't to come in the second!

Third Period: Early in the third the Phoenix hit the post and continued to press, however it was MK who scored first. After 57min 53sec Adam Carr put the Lightning 3-1 ahead. More Phoenix pressure followed, with the Phoenix Brit's leading the charge. Then in the dying minutes new Phoenix captain Luke Boothroyd stepped in from the blue line and fired a wrister into the bottom corner. A rather contentious goal, as there was a rather loud 'ching' as the puck went past Hollyhead. With the Phoenix pressing the home faithful had their hearts broken when, at 59min 06sec MK number 4 made the final scores 3-2 to MK.

Verdict: A tough game, not helped by a below par performance from the Phoenix. MK showed why they were joint leaders, and no Phoenix fan could really say they didn't deserve the two points! The Phoenix now know what needs to be done, some players need reminding that hockey is a 60 minute game! But credit where its due, the Phoenix Brits put it a very good effort!

Attendance: 1,063 according to PowerPlay magazine in the Dome.

Phoenix TV Highlights:

Phoenix 2 Milton Keynes 3 - MEN Article

So come back tomorrow for the Florida Gators game review from the weekend, then wednesday for the turn of LSU, and, if I get round to it a special treat for thursday! So there you go!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers vs University of Louisianna Game Review Saturday 19th September

So in the second of today's postings its now time for LSU to step up!

This game saw the LSU Tigers face the University of Louisiana-Lafayette at Tiger Stadium.

First Quarter: LSU opened the game strongly pushing ULL back into their own half forcing them to punt the ball after each down. It took most of the quarter but with 3min 09seconds left the Tigers managed to string together a number of first downs, when Dickson connected with LaFell in a 16 yard touchdown to give LSU the lead, add in the conversion LSU were 7-0 to the good.

Second Quarter: On the first play in the second quarter Holliday took a pass from Jefferson and ran through a tackle on an 11 yard touchdown run, add in conversion and LSU had a 14-0 lead with 14min52sec left int the half. UL finally got on the board at the 11min 26sec mark when Masson completed 4 out of 8 passes for 34yard, placekicker Tyler Albrecht grabbed a 40 yard pass to make the scores 14-3. In the dying second sof the half Jasper scored a career best 52 yard field goal to make the scores 17-3 going into the break.

Third Quarter: With 10min 53sec left in the third LSU scored a touchdown on their first drive. LaFell catching a 20 yard pass from Jefferson. Jasper then converted the extra point and LSU held a 24-3 lead. This was to prove the final score of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter: Into the final 15 minutes now and UL had a chance to score their first touchdown of the game. Sadly locked onto the LSU 3 yard line UL fumbled the ball and the chance was gone. LSU's final touchdown came with 5min 48sec left in the game. With Jefferson gone due to cramp Lee tossed a field and goal pass for a 1 yard run for Scott to score. This finished off the scoring giving LSU a 31-3 win.

Attendance: 92,443 which is the 13th largest in Tiger Stadium history!

LSU Tiger TV Highlights:

That's it for today, looking ahead to the weekend the Phoenix are away to the Sheffield Scimitars saturday night, before entertaining the Milton Keynes Lightning at the Ice Dome on sunday!

Florida Gators vs Tennessee Review Saturday 19th September

Im spoiling you, honestly I am! Today your not getting just one game review, but two!!!

Ill do separate posts but ill start with the Gators vs Tennessee, followed by LSU vs ULL.

So far the Gators are 2-0 in the season and now came up against Tennessee in another home game at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. This game would also prove to be more of a test to the Gators than the previous games against Charleston and Troy.

First Quarter: Florida were the first onto the scoreboard at the 11min 33sec mark when Caleb Sturgis kicked for a field goal capping of an eight play 10 yard drive. A 37 yard Field goal sailing over the uprights. Before the end of the quarter Tennessee would level the scores through junior kicker Daniel Lincoln, scoring a 24 yard field goal.

Second Quarter: The Gators made a great start to the second quarter, after putting together an 11 play drive the Gators scored the first touchdown of the game. When Tebow ran for 1 yard into the end zone, scores 10-3. Not to be outdone Tennessee star Eric Berry intercepted a Tebow pass which gave Tennessee another field goal score from 20 yard. The Gators responded with a 52 yard rive and Sturgis added another 3 point field goal with 51sec left in the half, scores now 13-6.

Third Quarter: Tennessee were on the receiving side of the ball at the start of the second half, however it was not to be lucky for them. Junior cornerback Joe Haden picked off a Johnathan Crompton pass, this allowed the Gators to add another field goal from the 35 yard line. By the end of the quarter the Gators scored their second touchdown, Taking a total of 6mins 52sec the 13 play 69 yard drive resulted in sophmore Jeff Demps scoring for the Gators. Scores going into the final quarter: 23-6.

Fourth Quarter: The game continued its ebb-flow pattern and Tennessee counted the Gator attack when the Gators QB Tebow fumbled the pall on the Tennessee two yard line. Tennessee then drove 63 yards down field to score their first touchdown of the game. Senior tailback Montario Hardest drove over the line on a 17 yard run with 8min 11sec left in the game, scores edging closer now: 23-13. After forcing the Gators to punt the ball, Tennessee forced a fourth and sixth down. Crompton then attempted a long pass down field, which, sadly for Tennessee, was picked off by safety Ahmad Black. The turn over in possession allowed Florida to close out the game and hold onto a 23-13 win.

Attendance: 90,894, a school record.

The Gainesville Sun Review:


Another win for the Gators, this time up against much stiffer competition. So far the Gators have done well, however they will not be missing the huge upcoming game against LSU on the 10th October!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Phoenix v Swindon 20th September Game Review

The previous night the Phoenix kicked off their debut EPL season with an away trip to Basingstoke, our fellow ex-EIHL'ers. The game also saw Ed Courtney arrive in the UK not 24 hours prio, not having skated for the summer or trained with the Phoenix. That didn stop him mind, he skated out with 4 goals in a 7-4 win for the Phoenix. Luke Boothroyd also scoring his first for the club!

Sunday saw the first EPL game in the Ice Dome, Swindon Wildcats were the opposition and this is how the game went:

First Period: Not quite the same free flowing hockey as against Sheffield, bit more of a gritty game this one. I did think the Phoenix edged the first period overall, but it was Swindon who scored the only goal of the period with a goal from Matt Ford on the powerplay, their first real chance of the opening 20mins.

Second Period: Well the game exploded in the second period, still it was the same gritty hockey. Swindon seemingly preventing the Phoenix from getting a rhythm together to emulate the hockey played the previous week. The Phoenix levelled in the 27th minute when the superb Courtney found Hagelberg. Frustratingly Swindon went back ahead in less than a minute from Joe Baird. The play started producing more end to end action as both teams looked to take control. Just before the 30min mark the Phoenix levelled, for the second time, through the big man, Ed Courtney. In imitation to the first Phoenix goal, Swindon took the lead through Jozef Kohut, only for the big Swede Mattsson to send us into the break 3 a piece.

Third Period: It was either Swindon tiring or the Phoenix finally getting into gear but the Phoenix pressed hard in the final stand. With each attack you could sense the Phoenix were close to scoring, but so far Woolhouse in goal was playing out of his skin. But it was to be a good night for the Phoenix and young Brit James Neil roofed an absolutely beautiful wrist shot after 56mins. In the dying minutes Swindon pulled the goalie for the extra skater but the Phoenix were able to dig deep and get the win.

Verdict: Not a pretty game, defiantly a win whilst not at your best! Still Ed Courtney proved that he still has a hockey mind and hands to give Tony a run for his money. The Brits put in a darn good shift and Hagelberg proved what a vital player he will become for the Phoenix!

Attendance: Similar crowd to the Sheffield game, probably around the 700 mark.

Phoenix TV Hilights:

Phoenix 4 Swindon 3 - MEN Article

Thursday, 17 September 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers vs Vanderbuilt Game Review Saturday 12th September

Right time for the debut of the LSU Fighting Tigers on these pages, this is the game review for their first game of the season against Vanderbuilt. So off we go, as with my Gator reviews so far, any constructive comments you may have please email The Angry Budgie and let me know!!

First Quarter: On a rainy day in Baton Rouge the Tigers got their season underway. LSU had to wait until the last couple of minutes of the first quarter before getting on the board. With 2min 12sec to go, a face mask penalty on Vanderbuilt gave LSU a first and goal at the 6 yard line. On the ensuing snap Williams, the junior runningback made it over the line. Adding the conversion LSU went into the break 7-0 up.

Second Quarter: First points of the second quarter came to LSU, with 0min 22sec left in the second quarter, and o first LSU drive of that quarter the Tigers got the the 32yard line, and Josh Jasper converted the field goal, scores now 10-0. Not to be outdont a 26yard run by Stacy finished of a 12 play 80 yard drive. The resulting touchdown at 7min 20sec brought Vandy to within 3 of LSU. Then with 52 seconds left in the half a 30 yard pass to wide receiver Jackson put the Tigers in position to score another score. With a 20yard pass LSU made it to the Vandy 5 yard line with just 6 seconds on the clock. A field goal attempt was good and the scores at half time were 13-7.

Third Quarter: LSU made a great start to the second half, an excellent drive got LSU to, just short of a first down in the Vanderbuilt redzone. Another field kick complete and LSU were 16-7 up, with 9min 23sec left in the quarter. LSU were then awarded a safety when LSU snapper, Alex Russian's pass went over the head of punter Derek Helton. Scores now 16-9 with 1min 35sec to go.

Fourth Quarter: To finish the game off LSU scored another touchdown when Williams ran for a 14 yard touchdown with 6min 1sec left in the game. With Vanderbuilt unable to cross the midfield ad a fourth and 5 pass incomplete the game finished. Final score LSU 23 Vanderbuilt 9.

Attendance: 91,566

So a good start to the season for LSU, and a much tougher opener than The Gators had. LSU will now look forward to their second game of the season, again at Tiger Stadium against UL-Layfayette.

LSUTigertv Highlights:

LSU vs Vanderbuilt Postgame Analysis

Phew, that's the Collage Football catch up done, im still working on the Collage Football Tradition special and hope to have that online as soon as possible. This is along with a review of The Angry Budgie on tour in The Nehterlands.

Not to forget the reason of this blog, the Phoenix have an away game at the Basingstoke Bison on saturday, followed by a home game against the Swindon Wildcats. So exciting and busy times for The Budgie, remember to keep checking these pages!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Florida Gators vs Troy Game Review Saturday 12th September

After the easy win against Charleston Southern it was Troy up next for the Gators, standing in the Gators way of a 2-0 start to the season. The weight of expectation would be on the Gators, as the number one ranked team in the country they would be expected to turn over Troy with little drama. So on an overcast Florida afternoon the game got underway at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

First Quarter: The quarter began pretty slowly with both teams surrendering a couple of fumbles. It was a fumble recovery that would get the Gators underway when, at 6min 39sec Thompson received a 6 yard pass to score. Yet another fumble would see Troy on the board, with 51sec of the quarter left the Gators Moody fumbled the ball to Troy's Gulsman to score a 45 yard field goal.

Second Quarter: In the story of the game the Gators were able to capitalise on another Troy fumble when Silvoy coughed up the snap, Gators Tebow sent a 36 yard pass to Cooper in the endzone to make the scores 14-3. Next score for the Gators came by way of the Quarterback Tebow, from the 4 yard line he scored his 45th rushing touchdown of his career. Then with less than 6 minutes to go Trattou deflected Troy's quarterback Levi Brown's pass, the ball fell to Thomspon who rushed for 33yards to score. The last action of the half fell to Jeff Demps picked up on another fumbled snap for a 24 yard run to make the scores 35-3.

Third Quarter: Almost straight away, in possession of the ball from the get go the Gators went down field with a 32 yard touchdown pass from Tebow to James. It got worse for Troy when, with 8min 38sec to go, the Gators finished off a seven play, 62 yard drive for running back Chris Rainey to score, 49-3. With 6mins to go in the quarter John Brantley took over at QB. Not to be completely wiped out Troy were able to score another three points with a 42yard field goal with 38 seconds to go in the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter: As with the previous game against Charleston, not much happened in the fourth quarter. The only score was from the Gators when freshman Mike Gillislee caught a six yard pass from Brantley to make the final scores 56-6 to the Gators.

Attendance: 90,349

The Gainesville Sun Review:


Yet another easy win for the Gators and a perfect start so far, next up will see the debut of the LSU Tigers on these pages. Ill be review the LSU v Vanderbuilt game from the 12th September!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Florida Gators vs Charleston Southern Game Review Saturday 5th September

Right so bear with me on this one, this is my first collage football game review. This was the Gators first game of the season, and saw the visit of Charleston to The Swap. Ill try and add as much detail as I can but these reviews will be a bit of a work in progress!

First Quarter: The Florida Gators were the first on the board, with a drive starting on their own 10yard line the Gators took about a minute and a half and 4 plays to reach the Charleston end zone. The drive culminating in a 8 yard run by J Demps, with the resulting kick the Gators lead the game by a score of 7 to nothing.
Not finished the Gatros began another drive on their own 24 yard line, C Rainey picked the ball up from behind the line of scrimmage and ran the full 76 yards to the endzone. Another converted kick and the Gators went in at the end of the first quarter with a 14-0 lead.

Second Quarter: The Gators really pressed home in the second quarter scoring touchdowns at 14min 22sec, 11min 39sec, 7min 55sec, and 5min 24seconds. Not to be completely blanked from the scoreboard Charleston Southern got some points at 5min 37sec through a 38 yard field goal.

Third Quarter: This quarter saw the Gators blank Charleston again scoring two touchdowns at 12min 39sec and 00min 24seconds. Going into the final quarter the Gators lead 55-3.

Fourth Quarter: The game was already won and this was reflected in the lack of scoring in the final quarter. The Gators getting back to full match speed and not wanting any injuries. The only score of the quarter came from a 7 yard touchdown run from M Gillislee.

Attendance: 90,621

The Gainesville Sun review:


An easy win for The Gators, but as a much fancied team you still have to beat the team that's on the field in front of you! So that's my first Collage Football review, if you have any comments on how I can improve each posting please email The Angry Budgie email address at the top of the page! As im a bit of a novice at this any input is appreciated!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Phoenix v Sheffield 13th September Game Review

Yesterday saw the Phoenix kick off their EPL season with their first home game of the season. This was the 2nd leg of our pre-season friendly with the Sheffield Scimitars. In the battle for the War of The Roses Cup, the Phoenix held a 3-2 lead from the first leg saturday night. Goals coming from Lachowiz, Hand and Haelberg.

So to sunday night, and a rather weary Angry Budgie, op account of arriving that sunday morning back of holiday, made its first pilgrimage to the Ice Dome. A little nervous as we really had no idea what sort of hockey we were going to see! Then at 5.30pm the long summer of nothingness was banished as two sides set battle on ice!

First Period: Off we went and crikey, were in for a treat this season! Not only did the Phoenix look good, but Sheffield looked good too! Anyone who thinks the EPL is a drop in class is 100% wrong! Both sides traded early chances with both goaltenders called into early action. End to end hockey coupled with a few penalties meant chances for both sides. However it was the Phoenix who broke the deadlock first, while on the powerplay Andre Mattsson stepped off the blue line and fired an absolute stormer past the Scimitars goalie. Phoenix off the mark at 5min 29seconds. The Phoenix were not to have it all their own way and at 11min 12seconds James Archer stole in on Steve Fone to bring the Scims level.

Second Period: It was as if the interval hadn't happened each team continuing the aggression from the first period. The Scimitars broke first after just 55seconds of the period gone, the Scims excellent captain Slamiar got his first of two after finishing off a neat move. The Phoenix upped the pressure and were rewarded at the half hour mark when a typical Tony Hand laser accurate pass found Greg Wood on the far post who brought the Phoenix level on the night, and ahead on aggregate.

Third Period: The Scimitar's hit the Phoenix early again in the third, as they levelled the game at 40min 25seconds, through their captain Slamiar. It looked like OT was beckoning as Sheffield dealt well with the Phoenix pressure, and caused a few scares as the Phoenix often left Fone exposed. The young British netminder standing on his head, and proving why he is loved by the Phoenix faithful. The final goal of the game, and the tie winning goal came from Greg Wood at 36min 25seconds. The Phoenix did score a 4th through Andre Payette however the goal was washed out, as Payette was adjudged to have strayed into the Scimitars crease. Sheffield piled on the pressure in the remaining minutes but the Phoenix stood strong and held on to lift the War of the Roses cup.

Cracking game and a great first performance from the Phoenix! Considering the team had only two training sessions and had only been together for 4 days, the team did well. Still much more work needed, while the Phoenix did well going forward, they did leave defence exposed. This will, if not sorted, hurt us badly! Still very encouraging, considering most in the Dome will have been watching the Phoenix for the first time this season! early season favourite players are turning out to be Andre Mattsson (hes massive and has a great shot!), Jakko Hagelberg (seems to be this seasons Luke Staufacher/Kyle Bruce type of forward) and young Greg Wood (who passes a great resemblance to one Joe Tallari!)

Attendance: Really good turn our for a friendly, and a game not on the Season Ticket as a result. I would guess at around 6-700 in the Ice Dome. As usual a great atmosphere, hopefully the Dome will become known as an intimidating venue within the EPL! So a cracking night was had, and a really encouraging start for the Phoenix!

Phoenix TV Hilights:

Phoenix 3 Scimitar's 3 - MEN Article.

Hopefully this week will also see my reviews of the three Collage Football games that had occured while The Angry Budgie was on tour. That tour will also see a posting in the not too distant future too!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Anrgy Budgie on Tour - The Netherlands 2009 - Preview

Right I had hoped to do a post on the various traditions of collage football before going on tour, but that hasn't quite happened! Never mind ill work on it and get it posted as soon as possible!

Ill also do a full review of The Angry Budgie's tour to The Netherlands including pictures after I get back on the 13th September. Also when I get back ill get working on reviewing the following Gator and LSU games:

September 5th, vs Charleston Southern @The Swap, Gainesville.
September 12th, vs Troy @ The Swamp, Gainesville.

September 12th, vs Vanderbuilt @ Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge.

The Angry Budgie will also, depending on how knackered I am, be covering the Phoenix pre-season game against the Scimitars sunday night. Keep an eye on The Angry Budgie's twitter feed above, ill updated it if the game is going to be covered!

So that's it, have a good week or so people, the hockey season is so close! Its fantastic!