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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Phoenix Rising - Part 4 Young Guns Return

The Phoenix continue their re-build by added two of the EPL's promising young players in Jack Watkins and Jacob Corson-Heron. Both guys who had quiet years for the Phoenix last season but, improved over the course of the season. Mainly playing on the third line Jack and Jacob worked hard with each shift they got and, towards the end of the season, saw increased ice time as a result. Every team needs young British talent on the roster, those youngsters will always play on the 2nd or 3rd lines. Jack and Jacob's return is another part of last seasons championship winning team locked up. 

Phoenix Press Release

Jacob Corson-Heron 
Jacob spent the early part of the season on the bench or seeing little ice time. Being a small player he did find life in the EPL a little tough this past season but, as the season passed, so did his confidence, performance and ice time. While Jacob only scored 3 points for his season, the majority of the fan base were happy with him. His performances in the title run in and the playoffs sold many fans on Jacob. He is a very quick winger, willing to get stuck in on plays with much bigger opposition, sometimes without reward. But, that is the type of play that fans and coaches see, Tony must have been pleased to sign him up for another season! 

Jack Watkins 
Jack came to the Phoenix to play games and play with Tony Hand. After a few years in the EIHL with Dundee/Hull and a few games for Coventry. Jack returned to the league he last saw in 2010/11 when he iced for the Telford Tigers. Jack has a similar game to Jacob but there is a bit more to him. A bigger guy Jack seemed to handle the rough and tumble of the EPL better than Jacob to begin with. Finishing with 7gls and 8asst Jack played on the Phoenix 3rd line and worked well with the other guys. A fan favourite and well liked amongst the Phoenix roster his return is another good addition to the squad.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Phoenix Rising - Part 3 Boots 'n' Arch

The champion Manchester Phoenix roster rebuild continues apace with the return of two Phoenix favourites and stalwarts captain Luke Boothroyd and assistant James Archer. Both players, Boothroyd especially, could have made the step up to EIHL level. But with the EIHL, seemingly crazy decision to, increase the number of import slots, chances for young Brit's are becoming limited. Anyway, their loss is our gain right? 

Phoenix Press Release

James Archer: 
Every club in the EPL will have players who have stuck around and become part of the furniture. James Archer is one of those players for the Manchester Phoenix. The season just gone was James 4th in the Phoenix colours picking up his 3rd major trophy. Of those 4 years he has worn the 'A' for three of them. James is a quality player who works hard and gives you points from the wing on the second line. He takes his responsibilities seriously and works so so well with Boots being the C and A in tandem. This past title winning season has seen Arch play some fantastic hockey and play the full tally of 54 games in the league. His first time doing so for the Phoenix! His tally of 53 points is down on the previous season but still working out at around a point per game. Archer returning is a solid bit of business for the Phoenix, and for the coming season im sure he will be wearing the 'A' again! My hope for the 14/15 season, for Arch to improve on his PPG! 

Luke Boothroyd: 
Captain fantastic, #Bootherscoringmachine, Luke Boothroyd returns to the Phoenix for his 7th season! Incredible! Having worn the captain's armband for the previous 5 im sure Boother will, once again, captain this team. Boother lead the team to their second league championship this season just gone and, almost, improved on his point production. Boothroyd is a calm and solid player, ideal for your captain, he has a great hockey brain, is tough to move off the puck and very rarely riled! When ever you see Boots drop the gloves, you know someone is in for some pain! Luke is a great guy to talk to off the ice and a guy you would be happy leading the team for as long as he can. Phoenix have retired one number in their history, will retire the no.9 when it happens. Im sure, when the time comes, no.4 will hang from the Ice Dome rafters! My hope for the 14/15 season? More of the same please Boots!