The Angry Budgie Live

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Youth and Experience back for the Phoenix

Next up for the roster building Phoenix. 

Robert Schnabel 
Schnabel came to the Phoenix with a big reputation. The first player with NHL experience, since Ed Courtney, to play in the EPL (though could be wrong!). Big reputation, and a big man too. Not the quickest of players but with a massive wing span Schnabel proved to be a rock on the blue line. Though prone to a bit of wandering which, usually left Boothroyd to tidy up. The past season saw Robert score a point every other game and 2 points per game in the playoffs. Yet another player who had a career year with the Phoenix......though not assisted by Tony Hand! If Schnabel can reproduce his form and, maybe, up his regular season PPG I will be happy! 

Andy McKinnie 
Really happy with Andy coming back for another season. Definitely a player who impressed during the 12-13 season. Works hard every shift and is more than willing to drop the gloves and engage if required. Andy came back to the Phoenix after two seasons with the Tigers and a stint with the Stingrays. McKinnie is the type of British player you need to keep hold of. With time he will develop into a fine fine player. What have I said a million times? A player who had a career year with the Phoenix!!