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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Phoenix v Sheffield 20th December Game Review - Not Quite

Just to let you know I have not dropped off a cliff, there will be no game review from last sunday. As simply there was no game! After heavy snow fall on sunday across the north, and with various Sheffield players/officials stuck in snow the game was called off.

Even Manchester Airport, not but a few miles down the road, was closed!

So a night off for both teams, the game is to be re-scheduled in the new year!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Angry Budgie Live: A, 05th December, Manchester Academy 3

So go on who remembers 'A'?

They supported Feeder at the very first gig I ever went to in Liverpool! Unlike Feeder 'A' have managed to remain a rock band, though I do still like Feeder, they have gone a little soft for me!

I remember reading early this year that the possibility of A reforming and doing some shows were on the cards, needless to say I was raaather excited by this! So when tickets went on sale for their gig at the Academy 3 venue I had to get tickets!

Highlights of the set for me had to be Foghorn and Nothing, two real great rock songs! But must not forget Rush Song, one of the best opening riff's ever! Especially 'Nothing' I have moshed to that many a time in a rock club! Jason Perry is still a great front man and entertainer. A rocked hard, minus Daniel P Carter sadly but never mind the boys still put on a great show!


Rush Song:

Monday, 14 December 2009

Phoenix v Guilford Flames 12th December Game Review

Phoenix were at home on Saturday night this past weekend, entertaining the Guilford Flames for the first time this season! The fixture gremlins had really thrown up something strange already this season. This being the first visit of the Flames to the Ice Dome, comes after the Phoenix playing all their home games against the MK Lightning!

Going into this game I was not too hopeful, the Phoenix squad had already lost Steve Fone to a shoulder injury. This weekend and next would see the squad loose 4 further players to the GB Under 21 squad away in Hungary. Though this was tempered slightly as the Phoenix had called up four Trafford Metro’s players. These guys would have to get some ice time, or the existing Phoenix squad would be dead on its feet! All this, and a Thursday night heavy defeat away to Peterborough, did not fill me with confidence! All the reports of Guilford heading into this game were off a good and improving team. So almost a perfect storm for the Phoenix!

First Period: Despite all the worries outlined above the Phoenix came out and played hard from the beginning. Some great early chances were created, but a little worryingly, the defence hadn’t quite caught up with the hectic offence. Tony had jiggled with the lines for this came, for obvious reasons! Ben Wood being promoted up to the second line along with Adre Payette! Adam Summerfield was called into action early and, thankfully, showed he was up to the task! The Phoenix were first on the board after 6min 19sec through Jaakko Hagelberg scoring from Tony Hand and Ed Courtenay. Guilford hit back around 5 minutes later, with Martin Masa scoring after 11min 37sec. The Phoenix then scored two goals in two minutes to effectively win the game in the first period. Adam Walker got another goal after 14min 20sec as the top line clicked once again. Then, after 17min 27sec Tony Hand would score. This followed at least two or three scoring attempts by Mr Hand, finally his resolve snapping and rocketing a slapshot from the hash marks past Mark Lee in goal.

Second Period: The most surprising thing about this game, was how poor Guilford were! Im not saying the Phoenix were amazing, but after hearing other comment on the Flames, maybe I was expecting more from them. But, as mentioned above, the game was really won in the first period. The second period carried on as the first had ended, the Phoenix creating chances and Guilford not really doing a lot. Only two goals were scored in the second period, the first at 23min 12sec through Ryan Johnson. His first of the season capped off a great performance from him. In my eyes and of others, the man of the match. He broke down the left wing and ripped a shot past Lee, only to hit the post with a loud ‘ping’. The puck ricocheting off the post, onto the back of Lee and finally resting up in the net. The next, and subsequent final goal of the game fell to Mr Tony Hand! I know two goals in the game! Another unfortunate one for Lee in goal. Tony Hand centred the puck across the face of the goal, only for it to be deflected into the goal by a Flames defenseman. So the natural order of things restored, Tony Hand only ‘assisted’ that goal!!

Third Period: With the scores at 5-1 and the Flames not really turning up, we could have ended the game there and gone home. But the third period was played out and not much happened! As the Flames did not press, the Phoenix just had to contain them and finish off the game, which they duly did.

Verdict: A very strange game, and really because the Flames did not turn up! Which is a shame as a decent crowd from Guilford turned up to support their team. They did try, but even the drummer had really given up by the third period! Even the home support had sort of given up by the third, this lead to a very strange atmosphere at the Dome. Maybe we have been spoilt by some rip-roaring games in the past, but I think most people were shocked by the non-event on the ice! But hey you still have to beat the team in front of you! The Phoenix did that and avoided a potential banana skin!

Attendance: A bit lower than normal due to the Saturday night staging of the game. Ill guess at around 800 in the Ice Dome.


As you may have see in today's post we have a few pictures too! Think of it as an early Christmas present!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Angry Budgie Live: Five Finger Deathpunch, 26th November, Manchester Academy 1

So for the first time in a while The Angry Budgie went to a gig, and at the back end of last month off we went to see Five Finger Deathpunch at the Manchester Academy 1. This gig had already been upgraded from the smaller Academy2, either way, after seeing them at Download 2009, we were sure it would be a great show!

Ill admit I first got into 5FDP after seeing the video for The Bleeding on Scuzz, instantly I became a fan. It had all the ingredients of a classic metal song, with some ten ton riffage! The gig itself was amazing, 5FDP really are such a great band live, and in their front man a real talisman. Ivan Moody whipping the crowd into a frenzy and pulling off some storming vocals.

Their new album, War Is The Answer, had just been released before the UK tour and there were already a few favorites. The opening four tracks of the album make for an awesome opening to any album. So far my favourite tunes of that album are Bulletproof and Hard to See. Both performed on the night. The band themselves played/rocked hard. They also showed some real class, towards the end of the gig and crowd surfer went over the barrier and had a pretty nasty fall. Mid-song Ivan stopped the set to make sure he was ok, then, with some genuine drum sticks and ensuring he was ok, the band got right back at it!

So an absolutely stonking gig, and a band I would defiantly recommend you go and see!

When I get round to doing so I will have a gig review from a recent 'A' gig The Angry Budgie went to. I've been a fan of A for many a year, and A even supported Feeder at the first ever gig I went to! They were back (minus Daniel P Carter) and rocking hard as ever!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Florida Gators vs Alabama Saturday 05th December SEC Championship Game

So the Gators completed a perfect season and went up against Alabama for the SEC Championship. Alabama also completing a perfect season! Great set up for a fantastic game!

First Quarter: Alabama won the toss and elected to receive, this tactic almost instantly paid off. Recieving the ball Alabama embarked on a 47 yard 9 play drive into LSU territory. Leigh Tiffin would connect on a 48 yard field goal to put the first points on the board for the Crimson Tide at the 10min 27sec mark. The Crimson Tide heaped more pressure on the Gators when on their next drive, Alabama's Mark Ingram found the endzone after a seven yard touchdown run. With 5min 33sec left Alabama now lead 9-0. The Gators finally clicked and got their own points on the board when Riley Cooper carried for nine and twelve yard third down conversions to the Alabama half. Caleb Sturgis would step up and score a 48 yard effort to peg the scores back to 9-3.

Second Quarter: After exchanging punts in the second quarter, a sack by Ahmad Black forced the Crimson Tide to go for the field goal. So after a 68 yard 12 play drive, from the 34 yard line Tiffin scored to extend their lead to 12-3. This sparked the Gator machine and on their next possession the Gators scored their first touchdown of the game. On a 70 yard scoring drive Tim Tebow accounted for 38 of those yards that took 1min 36sec off the clock. A 23 yard pass to David Nelson narrowed the lead to 12-10. Alabama hit right back, Ingram would score his second touchdown of the evening, a three yard rush into the enzone. Then a 32yard field goal from Sturgis brought the Gators back withing 6 points, 19-13 with 1min 18sec left in the half.

Third Quarter: Alabama would start the second half how they started the first! Forcing the Gators to punt the Crimson Tide would start a 74 yard drive. Greg McElroy would make a 17 yard touchdown pass to Colin Peek to make the scores 26-13.

Fourth Quarter: The Gators would be held to a scoreless second half, and again it would be Alabama putting points on the board. Ingram scored their third touchdown of the game with 13min 49sec left after a one yard rush. The resulting field goal was missed so final scores were 32-13 to Alabama.

Attendance: 75,514 @ The Georgia Dome:


Monday, 7 December 2009

Phoenix v Milton Keynes 06th December Game Review

Saturday night saw the Phoenix travel to Bracknell and the game was also broadcast live on BBC radio, with Ollie Williams doing the superb commentary. The Phoenix seem to be making a habit of starting games slowly, and listening in to the commentary it seemed the case in Bracknell. The Phoenix only really getting going when 4-1 down. Adam Summerfield continued in goal and by the sounds of things coped well. Sunday's game at home to MK Lightning would be a different matter. The attacking forced posed by MK far superior to anything young Summerfield had faced so far. Personally I didn't hold much hope for a victory, but being a supporter of the Phoenix conditions you for surprises! Plus this would be the last visit of the Lightning to the Dome (for a league game anyway) this season! Utter madness when you consider we haven't even played Guilford yet!

First Period: Another good crowd in the Ice Dome and a healthy contingent up from MK making a racket as usual. A typically fast and frenetic first period saw young Summerfield tested early. The Phoenix defense was not quite on the ball with helping Adam out and as a result MK would score first. The goal coming after 3min 41sec on the powerplay to Adam Brittle. Further pressure would be heaped on Summerfield (and the Phoenix') shoulders just 4 and abit minutes later, an even strength goal at 8min 6sec from Monir Kalgoum. The Phoenix managed to stem the flow of goals in the first, but could not get their own offense scoring just yet. Another feature of the first period was some questionable reffing from Goodwin, seemingly picking on the Phoenix in the first period. The star call being a misconduct penalty on Ed Courtenay for abuse of official. Those who saw the incident saw Ed dumping the puck into the MK zone, just missing Goodwin's head!

Second Period: The second would see Goodwin realize their were two teams on the ice and start calling MK for some penalties. Despite this MK would score first in the second period, after 29min 24sec Michael Farn would score un-assisted, and a goal that Adam will want back. The Phoenix would finally get into gear, and as on many previous occasions, the top line would get things going. Adam Walker on the receipt of some exquisite play from Hand and Courtenay at 30min 44sec. MK would make it 4-1 at 35min 23sec, and make the Phoenix recover from another 4-1 deficit. Monir Kalgoum scoring his second of the game. At this point it seemed MK would loose their discipline and head into penalty trouble. The Phoenix would lift home spirits with a storming end to the second period. With two goals in less than 30seconds in the dying stages of the period. The first at 38min 47sec saw Mattsson tip in a shot from Courtenay on a 5 on 3 powerplay. Then again on the powerplay Jaakko Hagelberg would send the Phoenix into the interval just one goal down when he scored at 39min 15sec.

Third Period: All set for another barnstorming finish at the Dome, the Phoenix would have to work hard to come up with the goods. More end to end action, but the Phoenix would score to tie the game, again as a result of some poor discipline from MK the game tying goal came on the powerplay.With Leigh Jamieson in the bin for tripping, then Nick Poole in for a misconduct penalty the Phoenix would capitalise when Jaakko Hagelberg would get his second of the game and send the home support into raptures, scoring after 57min 19sec. No further goals to come in the period sent us into overtime. GIven we were playing with our back up goalie, if you had offered me a point at faceoff, and when we were 4-1 down I would have bitten your arm off! Now we had a chance to go for the win!

Overtime: 4-4 would always suit the Phoenix, with such fast and skillful forwards the open ice would be an advantage. Then, with Mattsson and Towalski in the box on delay of game penalties, the Phoenix would seal the win 3 on 3. After a faceoff in Phoenix territory, the MK defence got confused on the blue line and missed the advancing Boothroyd up the wing. The one man who didn't, Tony Hand, found him with an inch perfect cross. Luke would race down the wing and score a real peach through the 5 hole to give the Phoenix the extra point.

Verdict: Wow what another cracker against MK! The game was a gem, tempered slightly by some poor reffing. Initial worries about young Adam in goal have been soothed by another good performance, in what was his most intense game yet! Another comeback win, just proves the resolve in this team. A feature that could just well win a shiny pot or two!

Attendance: Seem to be picking up now, and games of last night's standards will only help! Not the biggest of the season I think but ill guess at around 950 in the Dome.


Phoenix 5 - MK 4 - MEN Article

Thursday, 3 December 2009

LSU vs Arkansas Saturday 28th November

Arkansas up next for LSU, and the Tigers will want to be putting the previous weeks loss to Ole Miss behind them as soon as possible!

First Quarter: Arkansas began the game receiving possession and tried to exert some early pressure. Arkansas forced a sack and began their own drive from the 39 yard line, ending up at the LSU 34. The Tigers defence put pressure on Mallet and Arkansas had to settle for a long field goal attempt. So with 8min 17sec left, Tejada would score a career best 47 yard field goal to give Arkansas a 3-0 lead. LSU hit right back when Jefferson found LaFell at the second attempt for a 16 yard touchdown pass that may have been intended for Toliver. Jaspers extra point gave LSU a 7-3 lead with 5min 21sec left in the quarter. LSU pressured the Arkansas line again, but the defence came up big and stopped LSU on the 2 yard line. Jasper came up big again on a 47 yard field goal, to give LSU a 10-3 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter: LSU forced another punt after a sack on Akansas, the following 47 yard punt found Holliday who began an 87 yard run for the endzone. With 12min 29sec to play LSU had a 17-3 lead. Arkansas refused to be beaten and following two more punts had the ball with 1min 51sec to go. Advancing to the LSU 18, Arkansas had to turn to a field goal, and with just 48sec left on the half Tejada converted a 35 yard field goal to make the scores 17-6.

Third Quarter: Arkansas began the second half in fine style, Franklin picked off an LSU pass and returned the ball 28 yards to the LSU 27 yard line. Three runs later and Arkansas would score their first touchdown of the game from 13 yards. With 12min 24sec left the LSU lead was cut to 17-13. LSU responded almost immediately when Jefferson had acres of space in the pocket to find Peterson alone in the endzone for a 15 yard touchdown. With 7min 15sec LSU lead 24-13. Arkansas hit right back and scored their second straight touchdown drive. Advancing the ball 73 yards on seven plays they cut the LSU lead to 24-20 with 4min 15sec left in the quarter.

Fourth Quarter: So with just 15min left in the game would LSU grind out the win or would Arkansas pull off a tremendous comeback? Two 6 yard runs would get Arkansas to the LSU 28 yard line, Arkansas tried hard and Mallet would be forced from the pocket and only pick up 5 yards. This forced Arkansas to go for the field goal, and Tejada duly delivered a 40 yard effort. So with 9min 52sec Arkansas edged close to LSU, scores now 24-23. LSU would drive the ball hard on the next possession and would get to the Arkansas 34 yard line. LSU couldn't manage the conversion, and had to bring Jasper onto the field. With just 4min 05sec LSU lead 27-23 following Jaspers 47 yard effort. Arkansas would ensure a grand stand finish in Baton Rouge. With just 1min 18sec to play, on a fourth and 9 from the LSU 14 yard line, Mallet would step up into the pocket and pick out Joe Adams in the endzone to score the touchdown. This gave Arkansas a 30-27 lead, their first in the game! The stadium exploded with just 4sec to go, Jefferson had completed three straight passes of 10/11 and 8 yards to get to the Arkansas 40 yard line. A further 9 yard gain would set up a 41 yard field goal attempt by Jasper, and with nerves of steel he scored to send the game into Overtime.

Overtime: Jasper would prove to be the winner for LSU, scoring another field goal to give LSU the 33-30 win.

Attendance: 93,013 in the last game at Tiger Stadium for the season.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I wanted to make a special post after being contacted by Ryan Stotland promoting his very worthwhile cycling trek across South America, 12, So please take a look at the video below, and spend a bit of time reading about what he is doing, and send him some messages of support!!


Florida Gators vs Florida State Saturday 28th November

Next up for the Gators would be a state rivalry game against the Florida State Seminoles on senior day. This would prove to be a classic in the swamp!

First Quarter: The Gators were the first to put points on the board, at the 6min 48sec mark Tebow passed an 18yard shovel to Hernandez who dashed over to score. This capped a six play 48 yard drive. The Gators managed to sack the Seminoles quarter back forcing them to punt, this gave the Gators possession. The Gators then drove the ball 69 yards downfield with Chris Rainey on form advancing the ball. Sturgis then scored the following 37 yard field goal to extend the Gator lead to 10-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter: An FSU punt with 11min 43sec to go would set up the Gators for their longest drive of the season. The Gators advanced 80 yards downfield for an 18 yard Tebow rush that took 7min 44sec off the clock. This was Tebow's 55th career touchdown rush, giving the Gators a 17-0 lead. The Gators defense held firm on the next FSU drive and got the ball back with 2min 19sec left in the half. Hernandez then rushed for 49 yards, then another Tebow pass set Hernandez up to score. This gave the Gators a 24-0 lead.

Third Quarter: The Gators defence held firm early in the third quarter forcing FSU to punt once again. The Gators then struck back on a four play drive capped by a 39 yard pass from Tebow to Cooper to score. This was Coopers 17th catch of his career and gave the Gators a 30-0 lead. Not to be completely blown away FSU capitalised on a Tebow fumble with just 3sec left in the quarter. Dustin Hopkins would narrow the margin on the resulting field goal. As the teams headed off the field the Gators held a 30-3 lead.

Fourth Quarter: A career tying 62 yard drive from Demps set up Florida's next score. On the next play Tebow rushed to score his 56th touchdown on a 1 yard dash. The Gators now lead 37-3. This prompted FSU to come back and score their only touchdown of the game. FSU quarterback Manuel connected with Jarmon Fortson on a nine yard pass to bring the scores to 37-10. The Gators then picked up an FSU fumble and drove the ball downfield, but time ran out before the Gators had a chance to extend their lead.

Attendance: 90,907

To come.....

Monday, 30 November 2009

Phoenix v Basingstoke Bison 29th November Game Review

Before we get to last nights game, The Angry Budgie went to the Five Finger Death Punch gig friday night at the Manchester Acadamy. So a live gig review will follow shortly! Things hockey related, the Phoenix were in Slough saturday night and managed to get another win. At a cost this time with Steve Fone picking up a dislocated shoulder that saw young Adam Summerfield play the final 12 minutes of the game.

For sundays game Fone was the only scratch for the Phoenix, Summerfield now getting his first career start for the Phoenix.

First Period: All eyes were on Adam in net and hoping he could rise above his nerves and shine for the Phoenix, and, if the initial stages were anything to go by, the Phoenix would be in safe hands. Adam pulling off some fine saves with his glove hand, ad stopping most shots coming at him. With the defence helping Adam out in the net, it was down to the other Adam up front to get the scoring started. The first came just 63sec into the game with Tony and Ed combining with some exquisite passing to set Adam up unguarded on the back post. His second of the period would come at 11min's when James Neil would combine with Courtnay again to find Adam crashing the net to score. The Bison would get on the board after 14min 01sec through Steve Moria, proving that Tony isn't the only evergreen scorer in the league!

Second Period: With Adam performing very well between the pipes and the team helping out in front of the net the Phoenix looked to carry on the scoring in the second period. Courtnay would score the first of his second period hat trick after 23min 51sec shorthanded while the Phoenix had Joe Graham in the sin bin. Ed's second came on the power play after 30min 13sec assisted by Tony and Adam walker. The hat trick was complete at the 32min 20sec again assisted by Adam Walker. All three goals highlighting the big man's class. The Bison were able to halt the Phoenix goal machine and score one of their own, when Ciccarello advanced on young Adam and managed to force the puck through and into the net.

Third Period: After the first and second period's the third was a bit more quiet, the result more or less decided, it was down for pride now. The Bison scored next to make the scores 5-4 after 41min 08sec through Nicky Chinn. A little more pressure on the Phoenix net now as the Bison searched for the equalizer. The Phoenix scored next, with Jaakko Hagelberg tipping in a shot from the blue line at 44min 50sec. The Bison did pull Lawrence for the extra skater with a minute to go but the Phoenix held on for a deserved 6-4 victory.

Verdict: A 4 point weekend for the Phoenix and an assured performance from Adam in net. The big test will come next weekend when the Phoenix face off against MK Lightning. If Fone is not fit it will be the sternest test for the Phoenix and young Summerfield.

Attendance: A good crowd, not as big as last sunday v MK, but a decent 907 in the Dome!


Phoenix 6 - Basingstoke 4 - MEN Article

Saturday, 28 November 2009

LSU vs Ole Miss Saturday 21st November

Next up for LSU was a visit to Oxford Mississippi and the Vaught-Hemingway stadium.

First Quarter: Ole Miss quickly got on the board with a field goal from Shene from 45 yards with 12min 47sec to go. LSU QB Jefferson then threw an interception that was returned for 40 yards for a touchdown to Ole Miss. However the run was brought back due to an illegal block. After a blocked Ole Miss field goal Peterson picked up the ball on the Ole Miss 47 yard line and returned it for a touchdown to give the Tigers a 7-3 lead with 7min 52sec left. Ole Miss came back with another field goal, an eight play 62 yard drive to give Shene a 25 yard goal. Tigers advantage now cut to one point with 3min 37sec left. The back and forth nature of the quarter would continue as LSU would score the next points. An impressive drive that came after a 41 yard kickoff got LSU into Ole Miss territory. After two negative play's Jefferson took a big hit but connected with Randle for a 17 yard touchdown. With just 11se left in the quarter LSU lead 14-6.

Second Quarter: The teams then both traded field goals, Shene scoring from 33 yards and Jasper from 50 yards. With most of the quarter gone, LSU lead 17-9 with 2min 15sec to go. After an out of bounds penalty Ole Miss took over the ball on the LSU 47 yard line. After passes of 13 and 26 yards Ole Miss were on the LSU 8 yard line. Then on a third and goal Grady scored an end around. A missed two point conversion meant LSU still held the lead 15-15 by the half time whistle.

Third Quarter: No scoring in this quarter unfortunately.

Fourth Quarter: After swapping punts, Ole Miss advanced to the LSU 1 yard line to put them in a scoring position. Starting at the LSU 44 yard line, McCluster then took a handoff to go over from 27 yards out to give Ole Miss the lead 22-17 with 13min 33sec to go. Shene then added his fourth field goal of the game from 23 yards, after a 15 play 60 yard drive, this took 8min 26sec off the clock. So with 3min 42sec LSU trailed 25-17.

Attendance: 61,752


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Florida Gators vs FIU Saturday 21st November

With the season nearing its climax the Gators had the chance in this game to record the best start in the school's history. This game at the Ben Hill Griffin stadium saw the visit of instate rivals FIU.

First Quarter: The Gators wasted no time in getting the first points on the board, Brandon Spikes intercepted the ball and returned for 41 yards to score the first touchdown of the game, at the 13min 10sec mark. With this touchdown interception Spikes became the only player in the country to have 4 touchdown returns. The Gators then held FIU to a three and out, forcing them to punt on their own 16 yard line. The Gators then drove 84 yards down field in five plays, with Tebow running a career long 55yard touchdown. At 9min 18sec the Gators lead 14-0, with this touchdown Tebow is now the leading touchdown taker in the SEC.

Second Quarter: Rainey would score two touchdowns in the second quarter the cement the Gator lead. The first from a Tebow shovel pass that Rainey took for a 27 yard score. Then his second from a pitch by Tebow resulted in a 22 yard run. The first touchdown being the first for Rainey. Scores now 28-0 to UF. FIU then found their feet and drove the ball 47 yards, setting up a field goal attempt. On this occasion Rivest missed to the right and the scores remained unchanged. UF would score the last points of the first half with a three yard dash from Jeff Demps. This gave the Gators a 35 point lead, but FIU would not end the half with no score. Rivest would score a field goal from 37 yard with 29sec left in the half.

Third Quarter: The UF dominance did not let up in the second half, Tebow would connect with wide receiver Riley Cooper for an 18 yard touhdown pass, giving the Gators a 42-3 lead. With 13min 38sec left Brantley took over from Tebow at quarterback, and immediately led the Gators 73 yards down field for two scores. First he connected with Omarius Hines on a 20 yard touchdown pass with 4min 06sec to go. This ate up time on the clock and gave the Gators a 48-3 lead.

Fourth Quarter: Brantley's second score would come on a 16 yard touchdown pass to Justin Williams, his second recieving score of the season. With 11min 10 to go in the game the Gators lead 56-3. Brantley would connect again when he found Frankie Hammon on a career long 31 yard pass into the endzone, giving Hammond his first score in a Gators uniform. This score capped off a 12 play 83 yard drive. Scores now 62-3 with 2min 28sec left in the game.

Attendance: 90.473


Monday, 23 November 2009

Phoenix v Milton Keynes 22nd November Game Review

Sunday saw the visit of the 2nd ranked team in the EPL to the Ice Dome, for what would become a scintillating clash. Both teams having won in each other's barns it was up to the Phoenix to break that cycle.

First Period: The game kicked off in front of another healthy crowd at the dome and quickly got up to top speed. The break neck pace would not drop for the full 60 minutes. You could tell early on that this was a game between two top teams. Each side creating early chances but both teams finding the opposing goaltenders in top form! The deadlock was broken after 7min 36sec when Lachowicz was put through by Jaakko Hagelberg. The Ice Dome explodes! With such a tight game there were no further goals in the first period. But each defence and goaltender was being tested to the max!

Second Period: After such a fast paced first period, you would be forgiven for thinking the second would be a little flat. After a well needed interval both teams came out and kept the frenetic pace up. More end to end hockey and more superb stops from each nettie. This period also saw some strange reffing, with many non-calls, and fair bit of 'making calls even'. Very puzzling for those in the stands!

Third Period: It was all set up for a barn storming third period, the Phoenix up by one and both teams going right at it. After some top class saves from Hollyhead and Fone, it was the Phoenix who scored next! Jaakko Hagelberg getting on the scoresheet after 46min 26sec. This helped ease the minds of the Phoenix faithful...but not too much as MK could quite easily turn the game on its head. Throughout the game Payette and even Hagelberg had been looking after the younger Phoenix players and Fone in net by reminding various MK players that they did not appreciate what they were doing. So far no MK player had dropped the gloves, so imagine the surprise in the Dome when Ian Bowie and Grant McPherson dropped gloves centre ice and went at it. A fairly even scrap but Bowie just edged it! MK ratcheted up the tense atmosphere when Adam Carr was found on the back post and made the scores 2-1 at 55min 45sec to go. MK then upped the pressure but the Phoenix defence held firm, and with just 5sec on the clock, and on the third attempt Courtenay slotted in the empty net goal.

Verdict: Wow what a game, the newbies im the crowd will be hooked on hockey! That game was an amazing advert for EPL hockey, and would put many EIHL games to shame! More and more, and with this game indeed, I am sure Neil made the right move for the Phoenix. Both sets of supporters were treated to a great game! The Phoenix deserved the victory but the MK players skated off the ice their heads held high!

Attendance: I would say biggest of the season, 1,024 in the Dome!

Phoenix TV highlights:

Phew what a corker, I do hope the atmosphere from the game translates into the highlights above! It really was a cracker!

Bit of a delay........!

Right so tonights expected game review from Sundays storming Phoenix v Milton Keynes game may be delayed!

The Angry Budgie's Internet connection is down!

The Angry Budgie is suitably angry!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers v Louisianna Tech Game Review Saturday 14th

Next up for the Fighting Tigers was a state rivalry game against Louisianna Tech, to be played in Deaf Valley. Bragging rights were up for grabs in Baton Rouge.

First Quarter: The Tigers would force LTech to punt on their first possession, this allowed the Tigers to put some points on the board. A nine play 47 yard drive would bring LSU to the LTech 35 yard line. Josh Jasper would tac on the field goal and give the Tigers a 3-0 lead with 9min 08sec left. LTech would hit right back when they pushed the ball to the LSU 13 yard line. Matt Nelson would score with his own 30 yard attempt, the game now tied 3-3 with 4min 23sec left in the quarter. LSU would end the quarter ahead, a 79 yard drive was capped by a 25 yard run by Williams and a 38 yard catch from LaFell, who dived over the endzone. LSU 10-3 ahead with 1min 55sec left.

Second Quarter: Each team traded punts, as no one was able to take control of the quarter in the initial stages. However with 4min 32sec left LTech would get on the board. LTech marched 43 yards in 11 plays down field to set up a 33 yard field goal by Nelson. The LSU lead cut to 10-6. LTech would take the lead after driving the ball close to the LSU endzone. On a fourth and 2 from the 1 yard line, Porter would take the snap and pass the ball to Morris for the touchdown. LTech's 13-10 halftime lead was the first time that had happened since 1904.

Third Quarter: Another couple of punt's traded until LSU took control. Starting at their own 41 yard line the Tigers would drive the ball all the way down field to LTech's 3 yard line. LaFell would then pass to Williams to score his first TD of the game. LSU were now ahead 17-13 with 6min 59sec left in the quarter. The teams then traded drives, but each one ended with a punt.

Fourth Quarter: LSU would seal the game half way through the final quarter, using the running game LSU would bring the ball to the 9 yard line through runs from Williams and Shepard. Williams, with the ball, would bounce of the left end and beat the defenders to the goal line. The extra point from Jasper would put LSU ahead 24-16 with 7min 01sec to go. LTech tried hard but were unable to get into a scoring position on their next possession. LTech would, however, advance the ball to the LSU 10 yard line, unable to complete they settle for a field goal. Nelson came onto the field to convert a 36 yard field goal to make the scores 24-16 with just 25sec to play. The win ensuring LSU are back to winning ways.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Florida Gators vs South Carolina Saturday 14th November

Next up for the Gators was a trip to Columbus to face South Carolina, this would conclude the Gators SEC schedule for this season.

First Quarter: The Gators got off the the perfect start, their defense holding the Gamecocks to a quick three and out on their first drive. Tim Tebow quickly connected with Cooper to score the first touchdown of the game. The 68 yard pass gave the Gators a 7-0 lead just 2min56sec into the game. This catch would equal Cooper's longest to date. With no time to relax the South Carolina offense responded straight away. Driving the ball 81 yards on 14 plays over 6min 31sec. Brian Maddox going over on a one yard rush to even the score, with just 5min51sec in the first stand. This would be the first time the Gators had conceded a touchdown in the first quarter all season. The last points of the quarter would be scored by the Gators, with 1min 18sec to go Sturgis connected with a 32 yard field goal. This capped an 11 play 61 yard drive.

Second Quarter: Another quick start for the Gators in the second quarter would see them go back into the lead. With 10min 28sec gone, Emmanuel Moody would score his first TD of the season. A 17 yard carry from a pass from Tebow would cap a 70 yard drive, and put the Gators ahead 17-7. The Gators defence would then force the first turnover of the game, but the offence would be unable to capitalise. After a missed field goal South Carolina would bring the ball 65 yards downfield on eight plays. Garcia would find Saunders in the back corner of the Gators endzone for a nine yard touchdown pass. With just over 2mins left in the half, scores were now 17-14 to the Gators.

Third Quarter: On the Gators first drive of the second half, they would drive the ball to USC's 37 yard line, and on a fourth down Sturgis would attempt the field goal. Sadly he was to miss for the second time in the game. Another Gator drive was halted when USC's defence came up big, after Brandon James had returned the punt for 49 yards the Gators were unable to score.

Fourth Quarter: USC would march 49 yards downfield on ten plays early in the fourth quarter, but the Gator defence held firm. This defence would turn to attack when Trattou collected an interception and return the ball from the Gator 21 yard line, the 53 yard return would set the Gators up to score. Tebow scored a one yard run by himself to make the scores 24-14 with 13min 25sec left in the game. Sturgis was unable to connect with the 29 yard field goal for his third miss of the game.

Attendance: 79,297


Monday, 16 November 2009

Phoenix v Peterborough 14th November Game Review

Last saturday saw the Phantoms come to the Ice Dome for the first time this season. The reigning champions came to Altrincham with a team, on paper, a weaker side. However as with any team in this league a win can never be guaranteed! This being Children In Need night saw the Phoenix wearing some very striking special shirts! The Phoenix headed into this game at the top of the table after a four point previous weekend. The game would also see Stephen Wall back in the Ice Dome after filling in for Stephen Murphy for a couple of games the previous season.

First Period: The way the Phantoms came at the Phoenix in the first place did not justify their league placing. The game was played at the usual high octane pace that has come to typify the EPL. Thankfully, and for the first time in ages, the Phoenix would end the period ahead. The first goal would come only 2min 01sec into the game. The lanky Ben Wood broke down the left wing, and found Ian Bowie who wrapped around the net very quickly and slotted the puck past Stephen Wall. More good news was to come for the Phoenix, with just 9min on the clock the lead was doubled. Excellent link play between the old masters, messers Hand and Courtney found Adam Walker free on the net to score.

Second Period: After such a good start it was important for the Phoenix not to throw the game now. As expected the Phantoms came out hard and pressed the Phoenix. Stephen Fone doing his best, and with the Phoenix D helping out the Phoenix managed to deal with most of the Phantom attack. That even includes some pretty hairy defending that had everyone on the edge of their seats!

Third Period: With the Phoenix a mere 20mins from a victory, they got off to the best possible start. At 46min 51sec Jakko Hagleberg finally got on the scoresheet. Jaakko scoring after doing everything put so far in the game! A massive celebration followed as it was clear Jaakko was quickly loosing his cool. Phoenix minds must have temporarily switched off as the Phantoms staged a 2min fightback, which had those in the stands biting their nails! The first, on the powerplay, came at 50min 27sec when Warren Tait, fired the puck right through Fone. Then further anxiety was to follow when the Phantoms would score again at 51min 48sec. With the Phantoms pressing, and spending most of the time in the Phoenix zone, an audible sigh of relief and a massive roar would accompany the Phoenix 4th goal of the night. At 58min 42sec Ed Courtney would ensure a Phoenix victory.

Verdict: A tough game for the Phoenix against the reigning champions, and bar a few tense moments the Phoenix delt with that threat. A big thanks must go out to the large Phantom support, they made lots of noise supporting their team!

Attendance: Helped by a large travelling contingent, probably the best crowd of the season. 975 in the Ice Dome!

Phoenix TV Highlights:

The following night, the Phoenix travelled to Sheffield for a tough game against the Scimitars. Despite falling behind the Phoenix would chalk up another 4 point weekend with a win.

Scimitars 2 - Phoenix 5 - MEN Article

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers v Alabama Game Review Satirday 07th November

LSU faced a tough game against number 3 ranked Alabama last saturday night, it would prove to be a difficult game for the Tigers as they were missing running back Charles Scott, then loosing starting QB Jefferson during the second half.

First Quarter: Alabama would begin the game by winning the toss and deferring possession until the second half. LSU would receive the ball from the kick off. Both sides would struggle to gain the upper hand with both defences stopping each advance. With just 23sec left in the quarter LSU would begin, what was to become their first scoring drive.

Second Quarter: Continuing the early drive of the first quarter LSU would drive the ball 91 yards in 13 plays for Peterson to score the first TD of the game. With the extra point LSU lead 7-0 with 9min 12sec gone. Alabama would immediately strike back, with a 40 yard kickoff return, freshman running back Richardson would spark the drive with an 11 yard run to the LSY 34 yard line. With two missed plays into the endzone Alabama would settle for a 28 yard field goal from Leigh Tiffin. With 5min 52sec to go LSU lead 7-3.

Third Quarter: Alabama would signal their intentions during the opening drive of the second half. An 81 yard, 8 play drive would result in a 21 yard touchdown pass from McElroy to Hanks. With 11min 40sec Alabama had taken the lead 10-7. LSU hit back with some pressure and forced Alabama defensive tackle Drake Nevis to xall a safety on a third and 9. An intentional grounding call on McElroy would give LSU some points. 5min 55sec to go in the quarter and the scores were now 10-9 in favour of Alabama. The next LSU drive would result in a score, an offside penalty on Alabam brought LSU to the Alabama 8 yard line. Ridley, who replaced Scott took a handoff from Lee who found a hole and bounced through for the score. An attempted two point conversion was missed, but LSU had now taken the lead 15-10 with 3min 19sec left in the third.

Fourth Quarter: Alabama would hit right back, Ingram would carry the ball on two runs of 23 and 10 yards to the LSU 20 yard line. A further advance to the LSU 2 yard line but were stopped in their tracks. Alabama would have to settle for a 20 yard field goal, deficit now narrowed to 15-13 with 12min 35sec in the game. Alabama would grab the lead on the next offensive play. Jones caught a short pass from McElroy who then rushed for 73 yards for a touchdown. Richardson would successfully score the two point conversion which would give the Tide a 21-15 lead with 10min 24sec to play. LSU were unable to score on their next two possessions and this would haunt the Tigers. Alabama would seal the game with a 40 yard field goal by Tiffin, final scores 24-15.

Attendance: 92,012


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Floirda Gators v Vanderbuilt Saturday 07th November

Next up for the Gators, and hopefully another win in the Gators, so far, perfect season, would be the visit of Vanderbuilt.

First Quarter: A slow start in The Swap saw both teams exchanging punts, however it would be the Gators who would score first. With one minute left in the quarter Caleb Sturgis would score a 27 yard fieldgoal. The field goal came after a 13 olay 75 yard drive that included a 14 yard reception from David Nelson, and a 21 yard catch by Hernandez. Scores 3-0 to the Gators after the first quarter.

Second Quarter: The Gators defence would turn to attack when Ryan Stamper would pick off a Mackenzi pass and return the ball 18 yards to set up a 25 yard Jeff Demps touchdown. With the extra score the Gators were now up 10-0. The Gators defence continued to hold firm and with 6min 08sec to go Sturgis would again find the uprights on a 45 yard effort.

Third Quarter: Vanderbuilt ensured it was not a whitewash when Ryan Fowler scored a 32 yard field goal. This was the result of some great defence forcing the Gators to thee and out on its first possession. This reduced the margin to 13-3 Gators. The Gators extended their lead with 1min 52 left in the quarter. The Gators marched down the field on a 64 yard 11 play drive. Tebow would then rush for one yard and score the 52nd TD of his career.

Fourth Quarter: The Gators would score again through a Vanderbuilt error. Punter Brett Upson would take a knee after receiving the snap on their own 13 yard line, this would result in a 14 yard loss and a turnover of possession. Tebow would then launch an 8 yard pass to Nelson which extended the Gator lead to 27-3.

Attendance: 90,694

To come......

Monday, 9 November 2009

Phoenix v Bracknell 07th November Game Revie

The Bees came to town last at the weekend for a rare saturday night game at the Ice Dome, the only previous game between the clubs seeing the Phoenix take the points in Bracknell.

First Period: For the first 10 minutes the game was pretty even, both sides working hard but not many clear cut chances. The Bees then shocked the Phoenix by taking control, the first goal coming at 9min 47sec for Jaroslav Cesky. The Phoenix continued to struggle and the Bison extended their lead after 13min 49sec through Michal Pinic. Worrying times for the Phoenix, while they had restricted the chances for the Bees, the Bees had at least taken them. The Phoenix had yet to make any clear cut opportunities.

Second Period: What ever Tony Hand said in the interval worked, it took just 1min 10sec of the period for the Phoenix to get on the board. Ed Courtney scoring for the Phoenix with the assist to Tony Hand. Phoenix' second of the night summed up the frustration that is Ed Courtney, a sublime pass cross ice found Ian Bowie on the back post to even the scores. Now 2-2 after 23min 21sec. The Phoenix mini-revolution would be short lived as the Bees would get the next goal. Ryan Watt scoring the Bees third at 23min 35sec. Ed Courtney would level the scores once again at 28min 50sec.

Third Period: With some questionable refereeing this game really could go any team's way at the beginning of the third. By no the Phoenix had the bit between their teeth, and perhaps the extra quality on the Phoenix bench began to shine through. The final 20 minutes would see the Phoenix score 5 goals to take the game away from the Bees. The first would be the Phoenix third powerplay goal of the game. Ian Bowie netting his second of the game at 43min 04sec. Bowie would go on and get his hatrick at 44min 44sec. With the Bees goalie visibly shaken, and with the Phoenix support unsettling him the Phoenix really took control. Phoenix 6th goal would come at 45min 47sec through Robert Lachowicz. James Neil would be next to get on the score sheet, his goal coming at 47min 34sec. Lachowicz would pop up and get his second and the Phoenix last of the game at 52min 02sec. With the scores now 8-3 to the Phoenix, Adam Summerfield would get a valuable 8 minutes of ice time. The Bees also taking the opportunity to send their back up nettie out on the ice.

Verdict: After the first period you did start to worry whether the Bees would cause an upset at the Ice Dome. But an improved second period and a stunning third underlined the quality in the Phoenix locker room.

Attendance: A combination of a saturday night game and bonfire night affected crowd numbers. I'll guess at around 850 in the Ice Dome.


After the battling back from the first period and getting the win, the Phoenix traveled to Milton Keynes for a top of the table clash. It would turn out to be a close game, but the Phoenix skated away with a 3-2 victory and a place at the top of the table. So a great weekend for the Phoenix!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers vs Tulane Game Review Saturday 31st October

Next up for the fighting Tigers was the visit of Tulane, with LSU 7-1 and Tulane 2-6 on paper this should be an easy game for LSU in the Bayou.

First Quarter: LSU subjected Tulane to some early pressure and the first touchdown came by way of a blocked punt by Tulane. The punt was blocked on the Tulane 28 yard line and Stefoin Francois recovered the ball at the 23 yard line. Two plays later and Shepard scored a 19 yard touchdown. The pressure continued and with 2min 32sec left in the quarter LSU were to score again. After a Tulane punt Scott got LSU to the 39 yard line with runs of 9 and 15 yards. On a third and ten Jefferson found LaFell in the endzone to give LSU a lead of 14-0 in the first quarter.

Second Quarter: The teams traded punts and possession until the Tigers took the ball at their own 26 yard line. The team drove the ball to the 18 yard line, and after a 14 yard pass to Rueben Randle, Scott then powered over from the 4 yard line, for a 21-0 lead for LSU.

Third Quarter: Following a 50 yard punt, Holliday return the ball to the Tulane 20 yard line, and Scott would run three times, culminating in an 8 yard touchdown run. Scores now 28-0 in favour of LSU.

Fourth Quarter: LSU did not let up in the final quarter, and stuck with their running game. Scott, Jefferson and Williams would then combine for 44 yards to set up a 13 yard pass to LaFell. Under pressure LaFell would catch the ball at the 1 yard line reach over the goaline before going out of bounds. With just 9min 55sec to play LSU lead 35-0. With Lee at quarterback Ridley would cut through Tulane eigth times for 73 yards, but his efforts were rewarded with a 10 yard touchdown run with 1min12sec to go. Final scores 42-0 to LSU.


Support the Telford Tigers pt2

Well if you head on over to the Telford Tigers website it seems the fans have decided to go ahead and set up the supporters trust to run the club!

This is great news, and news that will hopefully see the return of the Tigers to the EPL for 2010/2011!

Pop along to and have a look! Email then too, show your support!

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Florida Gators vs Georgia Game Review Saturday 31st October

Ok so next up for the Gators was Georgia at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

First Quarter: Georgia began the game by winning the toss, but differing possession to the second half. This allowed the Gators, with possession, to march down the field to take an early lead. Tebow completed a 22yard pass to Riley Cooper to score. This touchdown marked the second time this season the Gators had scored from the opening drive. With just 3min 20sec left the Cooper/Tebow combo scored again. The score followed a forced punt from Georgia and capped off an 11 play drive, with a 29yard touchdown pass. The first quarter finished with the Gators ahead 14-0.

Second Quarter: The Bulldogs scored on their first possession of the quarter when kicker Blair Walsh scored a 49 yard field goal, to narrow the scores to 14-3. More points for the Bulldogs followed when Georgia forced Florida to punt on their next drive. Cox then completed a 26yard pass to Aron White, scores now 14-10. On a tight third and 16 Aaron Hernandez would rush for 17 yards. This would set up Caleb Sturgis to score a 56 yard field goal. This score being the second longest field goal in Gator history. The Gators took advantage of another punt from Georgia, Tebow then passed for 23 yards to Brandon James who scored. This made the scores 24-10.

Third Quarter: The Gators would intercept the ball at the start of the third quarter. Jones would then set up Tim Tebow for another rushing touchdown. The Gators lead 31-10 with 13min 30sec on the clock. The Bulldogs would reply quickly with another score, driving 79 yards downfield on14 plays. Cox would pass for four yards to Michael Moore, scores not 31-17 with the extra point.

Fourth Quarter: The teams traded possession early in the fourth quarter with the Gators defence forcing two turnovers. It was after one of these turnovers that the Gators would score. Sturgis completed a 44yard field goal to put the Gators ahead 34-17. With the Bulldogs deep in their own endzone a Logan Gray pass was intercepted by Spikes and taken for a five yard touchdown rush. This brought the finals scores to 41-17 to the Gators.

Attendance: 84,604