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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Phoenix v Edinburgh 05th March Game Review

Sadly another Thursday night game, another gig for me and another gig spent checking my phone every 5 minutes! The Phoenix have had a run of so called 'easier' games recently, however games against the Bison/Stingray's and Cap's are never easy! They are fighting for the remaining playoff spots so need the win just as much as the Phoenix! So while I would expect the Phoenix to win this one, I expected a tough fight from the Caps!

First Period: After some good early pressure it was not until the 9th minute when Tony Hand, yes Tony Hand took a shot and scored! How I wish he would shoot the puck more! Despite the early goal and the Phoenix shading the pressure they came up against the excellent Raitanen in the Caps goal.

Second Period: After just three minutes in the second the game sprung into life, a shot from the point from Alex Dunn was tipped in by Brett Clouthier. This goal going to show the value of getting bodies on the net and shooting! Things will always happen! Especially with Brett in the way! The Phoenix then got into penalty trouble giving the Caps a 5 on 3 and in the 26th minute Mark Hurtubise brought the score to 2-1 Phoenix. Towards the end of the period Mr Hand managed to get a 10 minute misconduct penalty. This seems to have been dreamt up by Mr Coenen the ref, as no one in the Dome saw why? Edinburgh had previously got away with a tripping penalty behind the Phoenix net, and all Mr Hand had to do to get the misconduct was shake his head! Madness!

Third Period: Despite a number of early chances in the third period the Phoenix let the Caps back into the game. Taylor Christie scored the Scots equalizer at 54mins. Thankfully this spurred the Phoenix into action, and thanks to the Elite League's leading scored Mr Beauregard the points were secured. Beauregard's first of the night came, as so many have done, when the Caps defence left the French-Canadian free at the back post! The 4th goal and second in the last four minutes when Beauregard pounced on a free puck in the Phoenix goal to shoot into the empty Caps net. Netting his 55th of the season and making the score 4-2.

Verdict: As I was not there I cant really comment much, other than to say another tricky match negotiated and two points collected! Now a away trip to Hull awaits before the big one! The home 1st leg of the Challenge Cup final versus the Giants.

Attendance: No idea really but as it was a midweek game id guess it was around the 1,000 mark!

Another tricky couple of games completed, but now the business begins! The first cup final games are on us, and the second round of cup games soon to be decided!

Go Phoenix Go!

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