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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Playoff Playlist - Metal Edition by The Angry Budgie

Right so seeing as though FMJ and The Breakaway are doing a playlist in readiness for the finals weekend, I decided id do one too! Drawing on my favourite kind of music, Metal and maybe the odd Punk song thrown in, I think these 10 make the perfect hockey playlist.

So crank it up to 11 and and grab your stick, here we go......

1) Hatebreed -I Will Be Heard

'Now is the time for me to rise to my feet,
wipe the spit from my face, wipe these tears from my eyes'

Pure metal at its best, such a rousing song which will also kick you in the nuts. A song totally applicable for the rising Phoenix, and a call to arms for the fans. This is a song which will get you pumped before the puck drops.

2) Chimaira - Power Trip

'I will not fail again,
I will not let you win,
Fuck your power trip'

Sorry for the swearing on that one, but another great song and an ideal one to follow on from Hatebreed. Also a song applicable for current times, for fans of the 'little' team a chance to stick two fingers up to those in power!

3) Machine Head - Imperium

'Hear me now, bearing down upon a path we choose,
chosen from the start living different rules'

It was only a matter of time before a Machine Head song crept up in my list, and an epic song none the less. A song aimed at breaking free from those in power, again the little teams versus those holding the perceived power in Elite Towers possibly?

4) Killswitch Engage - Fixation on the Darkness

'Its your choice, point the finger, but its on your head,
your destination is a choice within yourself,
will you rise or become a slave'

This song comes at you like a ton of bricks after the opening, orchestral even, strings. I cant help but think this sums my feelings up at the moment. If true the Elite 6 have made their choice and be it on their head the consequences!

5) Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up

'I can't wait for you to shut me up, And make me hip like badass,
I can't wait for you to shut me up, Shut it up'

One of my all time favourite bands, and a band im proud to say ive seen in their natural habitat. Upstate New York, Albany in a right dive of a venue! This song is a cracking piece of techno metal and the band play so hard it makes your eyes water. A great song to get you in the mood for a hockey match and the heart pumping!

6) DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames

'We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days,
Through the Fire and Flames we carry on'

Another of my all time favourite bands and a song which tells the story of the Manchester Phoenix. There has been much pain and sacrifice here in Manchester and once more the team has carried on through all the crap thrown against it. The team truly has, been through the Fire and Flames!#

7) The Offspring - (Cant Get My) Head Around You

'Every single day what you say makes no sense to me,
even though I try I cant get my head around you'

Now The Offspring are my number one band, and there are many songs I could have chosen. But ive decided to go for a relatively recent tune and, arguably, the best song on the Splinter album. A fast and frenetic punk rock song, perfectly apt for a fast flowing game of hockey. Some would say that the Elite League itself is pretty hard to get your head around some times! See what I did there! :)

8) Within Temptation - Stand My Ground

'Stand my ground, I wont give in.
I wont give up, no more denying. Ive got to face it'

A bit of gothic rock now, and possibly the best voice in rock. Sharon Den Adel's voice is mesmerizing and haunting at the same time. WT have many a good song, but ive gone for Stand My Ground as it showcases the Dutch bands majestic rock songs at their finest. The song paints an epic picture and is perfect for a game of hockey. Encouraging all on the ice to stand their ground and keep fighting in each corner for each puck.

9) Arch Enemy - We Will Rise

'Tear down the walls, Wake up the world, Ignorance is not... Bliss
So fed up with the Second best, Our time, Is here and now'

The Swedish metal band at their best, when I first heard this song I honestly thought it was a guy singing. But blumin eck Anglea Gossow has one hell of a set of lungs on her! This song just rumbles on for the full length, and with the constant base drum will beat you into submission. I also think that the Elite League really has reach the edge, and the time is now to sort top flight hockey out in this country! The only problem with this song, its not exactly ideal for keeping your calm to!

10) Less Than Jake - Last One Out Of Liberty City

'Last one out of liberty city, burn it to the ground'

On reflection I had to have Gainesville's finest in my list somewhere! This song, for the opening song alone is a belter! Feels much like leaving Nottingham on the monday after finals weekend! Lets get out and get rid! The song is just energy from start to finish, and you cant but help skank along with a big smile on your face!

11) Blind Guardian - Another Stranger Me

'I didn't know, I couldn't hear the anger my mind was blank I should have known,
Hold it back but somehow there is someone else, another stranger me'

So I was thinking on how to end my 10 songs, do I go for another metal song? Do I go for Punk? So I thought balls to it ill go for some fantasy metal for middle earth! Blind Guardian are German metal band who ive only really just got into, but their songs really tell a tale. Another band who's songs become more than just music, a real story and roller coaster ride. Another Stranger Me has the fast paced sections to get your heart racing, but also the fantasy slow sections that will get you rising in your feet. In a way a perfect end to my 10 playoff playlist.

So thats it, I hope you like my song choices! It was good therapy doing this list! With all the depression at the moment regarding who's in or who's not in for the Elite League, it gave me a chance to browse my CD racks and re-discover some classic tunage!

Anyway have fun listening everyone!

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  1. So THAT is what they are called! Remember having to haul you up to Albany for that...