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Monday, 8 February 2010

Phoenix v Romford Raiders 07th February Game Review

Bit of a long wait for this home game, the previous weekend was a double away trip for the Phoenix. With a visit to the spectrum and the Flames, followed by a visit to the Hive. The Phoenix lost in Guildford and won in Bracknell, not a bad haul from the weekend, but it did mean lost points against our title rivals. Coming to tonight's game against the Raiders, the Phoenix once again visited Guildford and, despite having three players down, managed to reverse the earlier loss. The Phoenix skating away with a victory.

The Raiders came to the Ice Dome in a little turmoil, an easy win for the Phoenix? I wouldn't say so, you can only beat the team in front of you, and lets face it the Raiders have beaten the Phoenix twice this season!

First Period: The game began and it was evident it was not going to be a classic! The Raiders were poor! Lots of effort but so many passes astray and no defence for poor Charlie Kaylor in goal! The Phoenix pressure mounted and it didn't take long for them to take the lead! In fact the Phoenix raced to a 6-2 lead after the firs period. The Phoenix able to relieve Fone and give Adam Summerfield some much needed ice time. The period also saw Andre Payette grab his first home goal of the season! Goals broke down as follows:

1-0 Payette from Walker at 1min 07sec.
2-0 G Wood from B Wood at 3min 08sec.
3-0 Graham from Hand at 8min 42sec.
4-0 Payette from Mattsson at 13min 33sec.
4-1 Turner from Paris at 14min 43sec.
5-1 Lachowicz from Hand at 16min 04sec.
6-1 Payette from G Wood at 18min 45sec. Hatrick goal!
6-2 Harvey from Miller at 19min 42sec.

Second Period: With Romford being so poor, and the game effectively won, the Phoenix visibly held back and began to contain the Raiders. The Phoenix did get another goal in the period, coming from Walker at 39min 42sec.

Third Period: The last period began like the second, the main difference being a burst of goals! The Phoenix scoring another 5 goals, goals were as follows:

8-2 Graham from G Wood at 43min 17sec.
9-2 Hand from Neil on the PP at 45min 12sec.
10-2 Payette from B Wood at 45min 30sec.
11-2 Lachowicz from Hagelberg at 48min 43sec.
12-2 Wallace from Walker at 50min 32sec.
12-3 Harvey from Pliskauskas at 52min 03sec.

With the game beyond reach the Raiders gave their back up nettie, a skate out.

Verdict: A bit of a naff game really, but that's no slight against the Phoenix! The Raiders were poor! However as mentioned at the start you still have to beat the team in front of you, and the Phoenix were ruthless! The game also saw two ENL lads get some ice time, and Ben Wood get much more ice time than usual. Thankfully he took it with both hands and put in one of his best performances all season, even coming within a post's width of scoring!

Attendance: A good crowd in last night, I would say a little higher than normal! Ill say 1,174 in the Ice Dome!

Phoenix TV Highlights:

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