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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Angry Budgie Live: Machine Head, 26th February, Manchester Apollo

So a treat for you now, last friday the Phoenix went off to the Manchester Apollo to see a pretty metal gig! We had Bleeding Through, Hatebreed and then Machine Head. The Apollo is a great venue for gigs, and we had some excellent seats near the stage. The gig would prove to be one of, if not the, loudest gigs I have ever been to!

Anyway onto the gig......

Bleeding Through: I do like Bleeding Through but my girlfriend is the big fan! They didn't have long on stage but with the time they did have, they rocked hard and, im sure, converted a few fans in the Apollo! The obvious attraction is the raaaaather lovely Marta on keyboards, but the rest of the band are ok too! :) Of the whole set I think it was the closer I liked the best, Kill To Believe.

Hatebreed: Those of you who read my posts from Download 2009, will know I declared Hatebreed my band of the festival. Well with the 45min or so they had they did not disappoint. Many people will call them boring, and ill admit they have a formula and they stick to it But i say, is that so bad? They are so damn heavy, each song is like 3 mins of pure heavy metal. Starting, rather surprisingly, with I Will Be Heard, though you could argue, what a song to start with! That song is like a signal, you better be ready to rock hard! Another highlight for me is Perseverance, that song is so damn good, and really really heavy live! They finished off the set with a song that is to become a new anthem for Hatebreed, ladies and gentlemen I give you.....Destroy Everything!

Machine Head: There is not much that needs to be said about Machine Head! One of the best live bands going, and a band that consistently deliver epic performances. Tonight they owned the Apollo, pulling off a superb 1 hour 40 min set. Even inducing a young chap to jump from the upper seating to the pit below!! You know your in for a great performance when the set opens up with Clenching the Fists of Dissent and Imperium! Imperium showcasing Dave McClain's epic drumming. The headline set also saw the volume get cranked up, my ears have only just now recovered from friday night!! When they eventually went off for the encore, everyone knew what song was left to play! The band came on and played Halo followed by the epic Davidian. If ever one song sum up a band it is Davidian......enjoy......

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