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Monday, 26 July 2010

The Angry Budgie on Tour - Singapore 2010

Ok, so to be honest im skipping a Japan post for now, and heading straight for The Angry Budgie's recent trip to Singapore! I happen to work for a popular south east asian city state based airline and have, in the past, been sent to home base for some training. This recent trip was another of those business trips, so each day I will try and concentrate on the evening's activities as the day time was spent in the training centre!

Day 1
Not a lot to write home about on day 1 to tell you the truth! The day was spent checking in early for the flight to Singapore, my ride pictured above, and settling in for the 13hr flight to south east asia. The flight itself was fantastic, and my first on the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft which now plies the route from Manchester to Singapore! The economy class seat is very comfortable and has its own on-demand 10.6 inch screen, which is pretty darn big! Shame you have to walk through business class to get to economy class tho! Haha!

Day 2
Day two was all about arriving into Singapore! The flight from Manchester flies through the night and lands into Singapore for about 7.45am! Thankfully my bags were tagged with business class labels, so by the time i was through customs it was there waiting! Next stop the taxi rank and the hotel! Again the hotel were able to give me my room on the top floor despite the early hour, so I could have a shower and head out and explore! So I headed off to Universal Studios Singapore to see if I could spend the day there. To my horror as i stepped off the monorail outside the park, 'Tickets Sold Out Today' signs greeted me! Should have booked online, silly me! Never mind! Apparently the park is selling out about a week in advance for day tickets! Bear that in mind if you want to go! I spent the rest of the day exploring and ended up eating at the Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, good food, good music and the perfect end to the day.

Day 3Day three saw the beautiful sunrise you see above! The sun does rise and set pretty darn quick in Singapore! Today was the first day of training at the centre near the airport, and getting to know my fellow class mates, and quite a bunch too! That evening one of my class mates and I went out for some food, beer, and watch some of the World Cup. We started the evening with a beer at Brotzeit, which is a German restaurant in Singapore.....go figure! For the evenings entertainment and food we headed across the road to Chijmes, which is an old church that now houses many bars/restaurants. Here we ate and watched the footy at the Spanish Tapas Bar, La Viva!

Day 4
This evening was spent at Brotzeit again, which is turning out to be a favourite haunt in Singapore! This is where I had another Erdinger WeissBier, which I have now decided is the only beer I like! Much good craic was had, and then I spent the rest of the evening walking around Marina Bay and whiling away the hours!

Day 5Tonight was spent back at Chijmes meeting some good Singaporean friends of mine, this time however I also managed to see the England vs Slovenia game, though not sure I should have bothered! We drank and ate the Cosafe which was next door to La Viva I ha previously ate at. Despite the football a great evening was had, mainly for catching up with my friends!

Day 6 After the spectacular opening of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park the previous day, my main goal for the night was to visit it! This is a truly amazing structure, sat on top of three 55 story hotel towers is the Sky Park which features a 150m long infinity pool 200m above the ground! The Sky Park gives amazing views over Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer, I can see the slypark being a fantastic attraction, and a great place to watch the Singapore GP!

Day 7Today was the last day in Singapore, and what a start. after having a dry week, friday morning saw one of Singapore's famous thunder storms. Crikey to heaved it down, it made driving pretty fun! It was quite sad leaving newly acquired friends at the training centre, but myself and two others made the trip across to Changi Airport to check-in and get read for our flights home. After getting rid of our bags, we headed over to T1 to relax at Harry's Bar, an outdoor airside terrace where you can have a beer and watch the aircraft pass by. Anyway, come 10.45pm it was time to lift off and head home!

Day 8Not alot to write about here, other than finally arriving home after a quick week in Singapore!

You have to go!

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