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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Inaugural Telford Tigers Post

As many of you may have read in previous post's, I have a soft spot for the Tigers. When I used to play junior hockey for Trafford/Altrincham im pretty darn sure I remember playing in Telford Ice Rink many many years ago. Im also sure I have been there as a support of the Trafford Metros/Altrincham Ace's way back when. So, when the decision was made to move the Phoenix to the EPL, I was excited. As this would mean returning to Telford Ice Rink, I bet not many people have ever said that!

Anyway, that excitement turned to sadness as the Tigers were put on ice for the 09/10 season, so the Phoenix would not be going to shropshire for games. The Tigers have returned as a supporter run club, the first of its kind, certainly in UK ice hockey. So the Phoenix will be going to Telford, the first trip being the 24th October and yes, yours truly will be going and tweeting from the game.

Anyway due to the aforementioned soft spot, I have decided to cover the Tigers results on these pages, but don't expect in-depth all covering write up's as, quite simply, other than Phoenix games, I wont be in person to watch the Tigers play. So my intention is to do a brief summary, link in various articles on each game and, if possible add links to video highlights. My intention for doing so, is to help spread the word. Which really was the basis behind setting up my blog. Hopefully this added coverage will spread awareness of the Tigers, in the end, us hockey fans, we have to help each other out!

To date the Tigers have played 8 games, one win, two overtime losses and 5 regular losses for 4 points and, unfortunately for the moment, propping up the rest of the table. As with the Phoenix when they returned to the ice after two long seasons of it, Tiger fan;s will not be worried about their league position for this season, the fact they have a team to support means more than anything else right now! The goal for the Tigers must be to see out the season and get some stability back into top level shropshire hockey.

The season so far:

Swindon 5 - 3 Telford
Telford 0 - 6 Basingstoke

Telford Tigers opening weekend match reports.

Slough 5 - 1 Telford
Telford 3 - 4 Sheffield

Telford Tigers versus Slough and Sheffield

Peterborough 4 - 3 Telford
Telford 5 - 2 Swindon

Telford Tigers versus Peterborough and Swindon

Basingstoke 6 - 5 Telford
Telford 3 - 7 Slough

Telford Tigers versus Basingstoke and Slough

So not the best of starts for the Tigers, but given that they , probably, have the smallest budget in the league, just making it onto the ice every weekend is a success! What they need are lots of bums on seats and passionate support. Two things I know us Phoenix fan's will bring to Telford on the 24th October! Get ready Telford, the Phoenix are coming!

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