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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Inside the M60

This post has been a little while in the making!
A month or so ago James Gordon (, a fellow Phoenix fan asked me to put some thoughts down regarding watching hockey in Manchester. From the days of the sold out arena's to the Phoenix now resting in Altrincham. Plus my thoughts as to where those fans have gone and what can be done to bring them back. Now this was alot of fun for me as it enable me to think back through my years of watching hockey, and the highs and lows of supporting ice hockey in and around Manchester.

James contributes to a website called: Inside the M60 and my comments were to form the basis of the article. Anyway the article is now live on the site and here is the link, Out of the storm comes a Phoenix.

So have a read, and all the other Phoenix articles on the site and let me know your thoughts!

The second part of today's post was to do with the layout of this blog. As you can see the style has changed, and there is a background picture. I remember when I started this blog I wanted to get a picture of the Ice Dome with a full crowd to use as the backdrop to the blog. The picture you see behind these words was taken by Lauren Freeman who takes so, frankly, excellent pictures of the Phoenix at the Ice Dome. She can be followed on twitter at: and he pictures can be found on flickr at, Cold as Ice.

So many thanks and copyright to Lauren for the background picture! It may stay, or a new one may take its place! We will see!

Finally, there may be a new blog for you all to follow. I'll tweet/post a link if it gets set up!

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