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Friday, 7 January 2011

Telford Tigers Holiday Review

Having finally caught up with the game reviews for the Phoenix games over the festive period, now is a good time to turn and take a look at the Telford Tigers action over christmas and new year. Fair to say, its been one hell of a rollercoaster period for the lads from Shropshire! In the space of 16 dayes, they had lost a game to snow, lost their player coach for five games, sadly not gained a point, released one player, lost another to retirement and regained the released player. So a period of madness for the Tigers, hopefully 2011 will bring a more settled look to the lineup and with Tom Watkins back in the line up, a push for the playoffs!

18th Dec Tigers @ Swindon - called off due snow. Amongst the many games of many sports called off due to the bad snow the Tigers away game to Swindon fell victim. A shame this as, with their upturn in form the Tigers would have fancied the trip down the M5 to the link centre. This would have been a winable game for the Tigers, but in a way could be a blessing, as the Tigers would have been without Tom Watkins for the game. The Tigers should be back at full strength for the re-scheduled game.

19th Dec Tigers v Flames - 3-5 Loss. A tough loss to take at home to the Flames. The Tigers are a difficult team to beat on home ice and made life hard for the Flames. Sadly it seems the short bench took it's toll and Guildford's extra class just saw them come away with the two points.

Shropshire Star - Telford 3 Guildford 5
Shropshire Star - Telford 3 Guidlford 5

29th Dec Tigers @ Phantoms - 6-1 Loss. This loss would be difficult for the Tigers, especially as the Phantoms are catcheable for the Tigers. Frustrations getting the better of one Tigers player who kicked open a fire door which ended the game prematurely. The scoreline would make you think the Tigers had a but of a mare in this one, but best forget this result and move on.

Shropshire Star - Peterborough 6 Telford 1
Shropshire Star - Peterborough/Telford

2nd Jan Tigers @ Steeldogs - 6-1 Loss. A return to south yorkshire and a return to the scene of Tom Watkins ejection and subsequent 5 match ban. It was at the previous Steeldog's/Tigers game Watkins was ejected for abuse of official. His loss and a combined team fail lead to a pretty emphatic win for the Steeldogs. A valuable two points lost to a playoff chasing rival. As mentioned in previous posts, its series against the likes of the Steedogs the Tigers must win if they want to progress into the post season.

3rd Jan Tigers v Phoenix - 7-8 Loss. Tigers didnt deserve to loose this game, my thoughts on it can be found in this post made yesterday. So far, the two worst performances by the Phoenix have come against the Tigers, dont know why!

Telford 7 Phoenix 8 - Telford Tigers

Away from all the game's It's been a topsy turvy time for the Tigers, first Andres Maslovskis leaves, then Marek Hornak retires, The Tigers have to come to terms with this and finally: Andres Maslovskis returns.

So, a nice quiet period over christmas and new year for the Tigers all in all!

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