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Friday, 23 December 2011

Phoenix v Milton Keynes Lightning 18th December Game Review

MK visited the Ice Dome sunday night for another installment of their rivalry with the Phoenix. So far, since the arrival into the EPL the Phoenix/MK battles have always been a highlight for me. Two teams who like to play hockey, and are a joy to watch. Plus the MK faithful always travel in numbers and make plenty of noise. Last sunday was no exception! Prior to sundays action the Phoenix traveled south to Slough and the result.....well.....less said about that the better!

Anyway onto the MK game:

First Period: I will admit, going into this game I was not expecting much for the Phoenix, I expected us to come out of the game empty handed! How wrong could I have been? The spanking down in Slough looked like it hurt the Phoenix, and they came out fighting against MK. The game started fast, it started physical, some bi hits being handed out. The likes of Harabin, Spelda, Wood and Long meeting out some great hits. It would be the Phoenix third line that got the first goal. A real beaut it was too! Hard work from Duggan down the left wing created a 2 on 1 with Ciaran Long, Tom found Ciaran and Ciaran scored the first goal of the game. The joy in the celebration was matched by the joy in the stands. A real reward for those two who work hard on each and every shift. That first goal coming at 7min 36sec. The Phoenix continued to press and another goal followed, Martin Cingel getting in on the act scoring at 11min 55sec. The period continued much the same with both teams battling and the fans in the stands creating a memorable atmosphere! The period ended 2-0 Phoenix, but the dreaded second period was up next!

Second Period: After the Phoenix edged the first, much to MK's surprise, MK upped their game in the second and it proved to be an even contest. The same hard flowing hockey continued and it really was great to watch. Each and every fan getting their moneys worth! Only one goal came in the period and it came to MK, Jamieson scoring at 26min 06sec.

Third Period: With just one goal in it the Phoenix had to expect MK to come hard in the final session. They did and on the PP were able to tie the game. An excellent PP with MK moving the puck around quickly and that man, Jamieson again, popped up to score the game tying goal, at 46min 07sec. Despite being pegged back, the Phoenix showed no signs of caving in, regrouped and began to re-assert their stamp on the game. Going into the last 10minutes the Phoenix would seal the game. Martin Cingel scoring his second of the night at 52min 19sec then his hattrick goal following at 57min 41sec. This one a real killer, as Cingel threw the puck on net from the red line, and found the smallest game between Mettam's pads and the post. Cue delirium in the stands.

Verdict: Having lost the previous 3 homes games and an absolute spanking in Slough the night before the mood in the Ice Dome was tense. But the fans rose to the occasion and created an awesome atmosphere. The MK faithful did their bit and contributed to a fantastic nights entertainment, and the teams rose to it too. Phoenix/MK is a battle that cannot be missed. The Phoenix put in a performance we knew they could do, but for some reason couldn't so far this season. The 9-0 in Slough the catalyst for an awesome response sunday night. The Phoenix played fast, skillful and hard, they put in lots of hits and harassed the MK players all game. As a result they could own the ice. This was a big game for the Phoenix and the fans, and neither disappointed!

Attendance: Great crowd, great noise, with the extra away fans in, ill guess at 1,200 in the Ice Dome.

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