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Sunday, 24 June 2012

EPL 2011/12 Season Review - The Goalies

So, it's about time I got round to posting my 2011/12 season reviews! As is customary the goalies are up first!

Number 31 - Steve Fone )GAA 3.06 Sv% .901)

This past season was a chance to Steve Fone to really cement his place as one of the EPL's top goalies. His first full season with the Phoenix he was still earning his starting goalie spurs, his second season was blighted by a shoulder injury but, thankfully, this past season just gone was injury free. I really think Foney did well this year, the Phoenix have/never will be a defence first team. By that very nature our goalies will face more shots than others. Fone has developed into a very athletic goaltender and one who can see the puck through traffic. Every now and then he still likes to go on a wander from the crease, how I wish he wouldn't, but he has a better understanding of when to do that and when not to. While his season stats are a little high for an elite goaltender we all know stats don't make a player. Other EPL fans will argue there are better goalies out there but, Fone is one of the best and, in all reality, the best the Phoenix can get! Season rating: 8.5/10

Number 35 - George El-Hage (GAA 4.46Sv % .833)

The backup EPL netminder, not the most desired of positions! This post has, in the past, been filled by Adam Summerfield, since he left to take up a post with the RAF the baton has been passed to George El-Hage. George is a big guy, young, and has great potential. Over the past season he has had limited chances on the ice, but he played more minutes this past season than any backup nettie the Phoenix has had. On the ice he looks to stay cool and can cover a great deal of the net. If he is willing to bide his time, for the moment, George has the potential to become an EPL starter. Season rating: 6/10

Next up...the D men!

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