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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Phoenix v Guildford Flames 12th January Game Review

Last weekend, the game up for viewing in the Ice Dome, was an important one versus the Guildford Flames. A saturday night game saw a big crowd come to Altrincham, including a large away following, to watch 1st v 3rd. One thing you can count on is, games against the Flames are blumin good ones to watch! The game saw the Phoenix at full strength and we all settled in.

First Period: Right from the off the game exploded into life with some great end to end hockey. No matter which side of the divide you were on, the game was entertaining! Both Lee and Fone in goal were proving up to the task to with some early saves to prevent go ahead goals. The first goal did come, and came for the Phoenix. McKinne was fed the puck down the left wing and, as he entered the Flames zone, unleashed a laser of a shot to Lee's top right corner. Such an accurate shot Lee had no chance! The first goal timed at 14min 54sec. The period continued with both sides pressing, the Phoenix with most of the possession but the Flames with the better quality chances. The Flames are an impressive team to watch, I don't think there is a better team on the transition from defensive zone to attacking opportunity.

Second Period: The second continued as the first left off, but the Phoenix were quick to extend their lead. At 22min 58sec Psurny got his first goal of the night. What happened next was amazing....the Phoenix scored a powerplay goal! Going on the advantage the Phoenix were able to move the puck around the perimeter of the zone with speed. When the puck made it to the right wing it was passed up to Boothroyd who was closing in on Lee, he unleased a lovely slapshot which went straight for the top right corner, timed 30min 46sec. It was right in my eye line and could not have been more accurate even if Crosby tried! Exactly three minutes later the Phoenix did it again, at 33min 46sec the puck began its movement only to find its way to Pozivil's stick for another slapshot and the Phoenix 4th goal. At this point the Flames called a timeout to regroup. Going into the second intermission the Phoenix were 4-0 up but not clear. The Flames are too good to not score!

Third Period: Phoenix got the perfect start in the third period, Psurny grabbed a second goal just 40sec into the session to give the Phoenix an impressive 5-0 advantage. The home faithful were in the stratosphere about a minute later when the home team scored again. At 41min 57sec Flaten fired the puck on the net only for Rick Skeene to put it past his own keeper. I can't remember if it was after the 5th or 6th goal but Guildford changed netminder. With the score now 6-0 the pressure on the Phoenix eased, but Guildford are a team that cannot be counted out. The final goal of the game came for the Flames and, in an effort to atone for his earlier mistake, it was Skeene who scored it, timed 45min 37sec. The rest of the period wound down and the Phoenix secured an impressive victory against the Flames.

Verdict: Brilliant game, brilliant result for the home team and fans. The Flames have hammered the Phoenix down in Guildford more than once so it was nice to dish out the punishment for once! I remember commenting on the Phoenix podcast, when asked about MOM. you couldn't pick out one player who shone, the whole team were excellent. If the Phoenix could re-create that performance every game we would be league champs!

Attendance: As said up at the top it was a good crowd in the Ice Dome, i'll guess at 1,300.

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