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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Phoenix v Slough Jets 3rd February Game Review

Sorry for the big big delay in getting this game review to you all, there's no other excuse than me just being 
Anyhoo, Sunday saw the Jets come to the Ice Dome boosted by an expanding ex-Phoenix contingent, we all know Koulikov is the player-coach. In recent weeks Pavel Gomeniunk and Ciaran Long. Ciaran, a long time fan favourite of the Phoenix, had secured a new job and meant he had to leave. Big big loss for the Phoenix! 

Sunday night, a big crowd and a difficult opponent, all the makings for a decent game of hockey! 

First Period: Slough are a tricky team to play, seasoned EPL veterans they know every trick of the EPL. Certainly a team who enjoy the dark arts of the game. The Phoenix have, of late, been struggling with some up and down games. The first 20mins of the game the Phoenix managed to look settled and take control of the game. The first goal of the game came at 6min 04sec when Psurny scored, Barri McKenzie scored a lovely goal to double the Phoenix lead at 10min 15sec. 

Second Period: Things went a bit mental in the second period, the usual Phoenix second period slump didn't happen. Slough had to come out and press the Phoenix hard. The ex Phoenix contingent would lead the fight back. Early in the second period Pavel Gomeniuk riffled a shot in from the blue line at 22min 40sec and, less than 3minutes later Ciaran Long popped up to tie the game. His goal coming at 25min 11sec. This fight back woke the Phoenix, and in a spectacular 5 minute period the Phoenix took back the game. Just after the half hour make Psurny stepped up and scored his second of the game at 32min 30sec. Ondrej Pozivil got the next goal at 36min 45sec, not a regular on the score sheet but he took his goal very well. James Archer got the Phoenix 5th goal at 37min 18sec and capped the Phoenix explosion in the second period. 

Third Period: The Phoenix were exerting some great control over the game, Slough really racked up the dirty chippy play in the third period. In fact, I don't think iv'e seen a dirtier team in the EPL, they are masters at it! But, they get away with it, the EPL ref's just don't call any of it! The third period saw a few more goals, all of them on the powerplay. A sign of the ref's actually calling stuff. First up, Pozivil got his second of the game at 41min 41sec. Then Ciaran Long got his second against the Phoenix at 49min 16sec and, finally, Luke Boothroyd or, #bootherscoringmachine got the final goal at 52min 45sec. The Phoenix 7th goal capping a really fine performance from the Phoenix. 

Verdict: A much needed win for the home team and valuable points against a rival and a competing team at the top of the table. The returning Phoenix boy's played damn hard and Ciaran will be happy with his performance but not the team. It was great to see him back in the Ice Dome, even if he was wearing the wrong colours! 

Attendance: Like I said at the top a good crowd in the Ice Dome, i'll guess at 1,200 in the Ice Dome. 

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