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Friday, 6 December 2013

Phoenix v Bracknell Bees 30th November

Phoenix faced a tough weekend double header against the Bees, a weekend which could offer up 4 points but, if the Phoenix didn't turn up, a 0 point weekend would also be possible! The Bees are a team who don't usually offer a title challenge but are not a team to be taken lightly. They have some skill but have more than enough willing combatants should the need arise! 

It was a Saturday night game so fans, both home and away, congregated at the Ice Dome for a night of entertainment. 

First Period: At the Ice Dome the Phoenix usually have enough to beat the Bees, but they are a team who can cause upsets. The Phoenix had to work hard and keep their concentration. Phoenix made the perfect start when James Archer put the home side ahead after 6min 03sec. The home side were starting to keep the puck more and more and put pressure on Annetts. That being said the Bees keeper in the first period was putting up some fight. Not to be outdone the Bees continued to create their own chances and, at 16min 10sec Chris Wiggins got the away team on the board. 

Second Period: The puck dropped on the second period and, it seemed, the Phoenix were still in the locker room! After just a minute the Bees took the lead. Grant Rounding putting the Bees ahead at 21min 08sec. This woke the home side and less than a minute later Andy McKinnie had the home side level, the Phoenix second coming at 22min exactly. The scoring continued when the Phoenix took the lead once again. On the powerplay the Phoenix moved the puck around the Bees zone quickly, Psurny was found on the back post and, almost apologetically, slid the puck home for one of his easier goals he will score. Just as the home fans thought the Phoenix would take hold, the Bees came right back. Rounding again levelling for the 2nd time at 26min 55sec. Both teams looked to have lost a big of defensive cohesion as the Phoenix took the lead....again! This time Robin Kovar scoring at 28min 29sec. Bakrlik extended the lead at 31min 09sec with an awesome shot, this man really has an unstoppable shot! The goals were coming with a bit more regularity now and the Phoenix scored again at 33min 38sec on the powerplay through Kovar. Capping off a frantic period of scoring the Phoenix hit number 7 at 35min 09sec through Michal Psurny. It was at this point that Annetts yanked himself from the game and in came Mettam. 

Third Period: With the Phoenix 7-3 up the Phoenix did ease up in the third period. Some credit must, however, be given to the Bees. They kept working hard and Mettam performed very well in their goal. Turning aside every shot he faced. Fone was also quiet through the period and no further goals were scored. 

Verdict: A good solid win for the Phoenix with a devastating second period doing the damage. A potentially tricky game at the Ice Dome negotiated with some style in the end. 

Attendance: A decent crowd for a saturday night, i'll guess at 1,000 in. 

Phoenix 7 Bracknell 3 - Phoenix Article
Phoenix 7 Bracknell 3 - Bees Article

Sunday saw the reverse fixture down in Bracknell and, what ever luck the Phoenix had remained in Altrincham. Bracknell securing an equally impressive 8-2 win! 

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Bees 8 Phoenix 2 - Bees Article
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