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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Phoenix Rising - Part 1 - Robin Kovar

Yup, one of the more surprising bits of Phoenix news is, Robin Kovar will return for a second season with the Phoenix in the defense of their EPL crown. 

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Those of you familiar with the Phoenix or remember various updates on twitter/the podcast will be surprised at this as, if it is to be believed, during the season Robin stormed off the ice saying he would never play in the EPL again due to the officials. Many people took that as a sign he was not coming back but, again if you believe other things people heard, after the playoff final, as the players were getting on the coach to head home, he said he would be back! Now having watched Phoenix TV it looks like Kovar was on a 2 year contract anyway....well..the Phoenix kept that one quiet!

Either way, the big man is back and 'who needs batman?' ey? 

With the return of Robin let's have a look back at his 2013/14 season and then look ahead to the season ahead. 

Kovar came to the Phoenix from HC Slovan Ustecti Lvi in the Czech 2nd tier scoring at just below a point per game. 6ft 1 he fitted in as the centreman on the Phoenix second line often combining with Bakrlik, Bentham and McKinnie plus Archer at times. His debut season in Manchester saw him put up the best numbers of his career and saw him make the EPL 2nd line of the year. In 58 games in all competitions Robin scored 41 goals in a total of 86 points, his best season in his career so far. In fact, thanks to @EPIHLStats for this nugget, Robin was one of only two players (Psurny being the other) to score 3+ goals against every opposition team last season. A bit of a selfish player Robin could be nigh on impossible to move off the puck. Immense strength and some great puck handling meant he could take on opposition lines all by himself. He is also a player who will stick up for himself and his team-mates, always willing to drop the gloves and, perhaps, indulge in a little of the skullduggery that happens in the EPL. 

Looking ahead to the new season, I expect more of the same from Robin, perhaps a little wiser too with regards the officiating. He now knows what the league is like so will be able to reign in his temper or, play the game with better fines letting his skill speak for him. He is good enough for the first line but, that position will be dependent on Hand icing another season. If Hand does ice, Kovar will again center the second line. In truth though, with Kovar on the 2nd line the gap between the top two lines is very small. He will score loads of goals and, his linemates will benefit from his skill and vision. I think he will have better season second time round, which is scary for the rest of the EPL! 

Rounding off the blog I will finish with some of the Choirboys best thoughts......'Who needs Batman....we have Robin!'

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