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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Phoenix Rolling - Double Trouble 15/16 November

Better late than never with the hockey reviews hey? 
Last weekend saw the Phoenix in a cup/league home double header and, the sunday game, was also a Groupon night. Saturday the Phoenix took on the Solway Sharks at the Ice Dome which saw the return of Ian Bowie and Richie Bentham to the Ice Dome. Guildford Flames were then the visitors for sunday night in a league encounter which would offer the Phoenix the chance to build on their recent league turnaround. The visit of the Flames, in the Pyro Derby, would see yet another ex-Phoenix player make his first return to the Dome in Andy McKinnie. Flames, more and more, becoming the Phoenix B team! 

As there are two games to review I will dispense with the usual period by period review and give you the facts and an overview of each game. 

So, up first, the Cup Crossover competition, saturday night against the Solway Sharks: 

Period 1: 
Phoenix, 6.33 Psurny 
Sharks, 7.47 Fulton 
Phoenix, 8.19 Chamberlain 
Sharks, 8.41 Bowie 

Period 2: 
Phoenix, 20.23 Burlin 
Phoenix, 28.04 Watkins 
Phoenix, 31.46 Wood 
Phoenix, 36.40 Walker 

Period 3: 
Phoenix, 44.27 Chamberlain 
Phoenix DPG 45.06 Chamberlain 
Phoenix, 45.46 Dickinson 
Phoenix, 56.20 Psurny 

The Sharks came out and worked hard during the first period and the scoreline after the first 20 was representative of that. However, the next 40min there were no further surprises. The Phoenix controlled the game and ran up the score with the second and third lines getting some reward on the scoreboard for their efforts. So no major surprises in the game, it was good to see Richie Bentham again and, playing at NIHL level he did look a cut above his team-mates. Good luck to you Richie! 

Phoenix 10 Solway 2 - Phoenix Article
Phoenix 10 Solway 2 - Solway Article

The second home game of the weekend saw the Flames come north to a packed Ice Dome (see panorama on my twitter feed) for another installment of the Pyro Derby. With Andy McKinnie moving south the, ex-Phoenix contingent now playing for Guildford now numbers 4, even so a warm welcome was offered and off we went! 

Period 1: 
Phoenix, 7.23 Psurny 

Period 2: 
Flames, 25.55 Huppe 
Phoenix, 27.57 Psurny 

Period 3: 
Phoenix, 47.39 Archer 
Flames, 49.13 Hemmings 
Flames, 49.23 Kvetan 
Phoenix, 58.40 Thompson 
Phoenix ENG, 59.59 Psurny 

This was another good performance from the Phoenix, they worked so hard closing Guildford down all over the ice. The Flames didn't have much of a plan B to counter it. It was great to see the efforts from the Bison game were being applied again and getting results. Michal Psurny was back in goal scoring form and also pleasing to see James Archer scoring after his long layoff. There were some worries when the Flames brought it back to 3-3 after two very very fortunate goals. So the relief on the ice and in the stands when Shaun Thompson got the 4th was incredible. The players and big crowd erupted! This is another game to watch on Phoenix TV no doubt about it! 

Phoenix 5 Guildford 3 - Phoenix Article

Phoenix 5 Guildford 3 - Flames Article

Phoenix TV:

Sorry for the truncated nature of this weeks post, hopefully normal service will be resumed next week!

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