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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Phoenix Rolling - Hull Pirates 11/10/15

After saturday nights loss to the Peterborough Phantoms the Phoenix would look to sunday nights visit of the Hull Pirates to get a win and avoid a pointless weekend. The Pirates, the EPL's basement side, came into Deeside with improving form and running more clubs close for results. In Baston the Pirates have unearthed a real gem in goal, the import goalie has, by all accounts, been standing on his head to give Hull chances to get results. 

Once again the Phoenix would be without Mark Thomas who was still sidelined by injury. 

First Period: The game opened with the Phoenix immediately taking possession of the puck and forcing the early chances, Baston having to be alert right from the off. The Phoenix controlled the game while the Pirates were happy to be defending their own zone and allowing the Phoenix chances from the perimeter. The Phoenix did manage to break the deadlock early in the period, at 6min 49sec, Deeside Dragons loanee Simon Furnival deflected a shot from James Neil which deceived Baston to put the Phoenix ahead. The pressure from the Phoenix was relentless and Baston had to come up big once again with chances falling to Gron and Archer as the home side looked to extend their lead. 

Second Period: The Pirates made a strong start in the second period and equilised within the first minute of the period. After gaining the zone and some sloppy play from the Phoenix. The home side could not halt the run from the Pirates and, despite 3 or 4 opportunities to do so could not clear the puck. The initial shot was saved by Fone but, Tommi Laine was on hand to slot home the rebound at 20min 29sec to level the game. This was almost the only attacking the Pirates did in the period as the Phoenix laid seige to Baston's goal. Despite all the pressure and shots, including Robin Kovar striking the post the Phoenix could not find a way through and the period ended with the scores level. 

Third Period: If you ignore the goal the third period was a carbon copy of the second, the Phoenix with all the chances and the visitors resigned to soaking up the pressure and hoping Baston stood tall. Most of the Phoenix pressure was only resulting in long shots and shots to the logo on Baston, shots he will save all day every day. The best opportunity for a winner came from Michal Satek on the breakaway who was denied, Fone had to be alert to to deny Sam Towner late in the period. 

Overtime: The first appearance of overtime in Deeside this season. With Baston on the ice the Pirates had to ice three British forwards at a time where the Phoenix could cycle through their imports. The Pirates defended admirably in OT, Phoenix controlling the puck but  the Pirates managing to keep all the play to the outside of the zone. Then, in almost a perfect irony, with their only attack of the OT period the Pirates forced a turnover in the Phoenix zone and Warren Tait took advantage to score the winner, the Pirates players celebrating wildly after getting their first win of the season. 

Verdict: This may seem harsh on the Pirates but, this was a poor poor loss for the Phoenix. The amount of pressure they had was ridiculous at times, Hull did not do much as an attacking force for the entirety of the game but yet won it. It may seem very rose tinted of me but honestly it is true. The Pirates play at times was a little disjointed and passes were not great and they relay unbelievably heavily on Baston but, Baston, what a performance and what a player. Despite all I have just said, the Phoenix just could not answer Baston, he really kept Hull in the game and gave them a chance of getting the win. For the Phoenix, it will be immense disappointment that, despite all the pressure and shots, they could only score one goal.

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