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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

KO Cup Preview, Phoenix v Hull

I would not usually do a game preview, but there are a couple of reasons I thought I would! First off this is not going to be an in depth preview, for that you could mosey on along to the F Block Blog for a good read!

So onto those reasons, I think most Hull fans would agree with me when I say, realistically the cup competitions are going to be our best shot at a bit of silverware. While I would love the Phoenix to win the league I am realistic enough to know, it probably won't happen!

Tomorrow night's game I would usually chalk up for a Phoenix win, simply because, on our Ice I think we are too strong for the Rays. Couple this with a morale boosting win against the Devils last sunday should see the Phoenix post a good first leg lead. However as this is a knockout competition, and every team in this league can beat each other its not a dead cert for a Phoenix win. The Rays will be up for this game, and the Phoenix will need to be too!

Given all that I still think the Phoenix can win this, but the boys need to do a good job to keep Messers Glowa/Konstadine and Kalmikov. Do that and we should win!

Anyway, have a good evening and hopefully sometime Friday I will have my usual game review online!

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