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Monday, 19 January 2009

Phoenix v Belfast 18th January Game Review

This is up a bit earlier than planned, ill be completing a new years resolution tomorrow at lunchtime....hopefully! Ill be able to post pics to prove it!

So the Phoenix were away in the House of Tin, Friday night to face the Steelers. As usual with games away in Shuff my expectations are a loss, but with this seasons team I expect a point from the game! Keeping tabs on IH update through the evening showed that it was a tight game. However the Phoenix lost out in regulation time. I remember being a little disappointed with the result, but more worried about the 3rd loss in a row! With the Giants at the Dome next, it was going to be tough for the Phoenix to break that run!

Anyway onto the Giants game, as mentioned before the Giants are a very good team! My memories of their first visit to the Dome were, that the Giants come at you fast and strong across 3 very good lines! The debate has been had on Lyle vs Murhpy but im biased so ill leave that one to you!

First Period: A strong start from both teams indicated this could be a real classic! So it proved, end to end action and yet no goals to show for it! The crowd were happy!

Second Period: More of the same in the second with neither team really letting up and giving an inch! Astonishingly it was just on the half way mark when Deniset, at 30min 4sec fired the puck home. This prompted the Phoenix to come back and take the lead through two Fulgham goals, the game tieing goal at 36min 1sec and the go-ahead goal at 38min 8sec. Sadly, the Phoenix’ fan delight was short lived, when just under a minute later Denistet got his second goal, timed 39min 1 sec.

Third Period: So we entered the third period with all to play for! Just someone forgot to tell the Phoenix! With only 19seconds gone Colin Shields fired an absolutely storming shot into Murphy’s top corner!After that the Phoenix simply collapsed and played possibly the worst 20min’s of hockey I have seen all season! The giants went on to score a further 5 unanswered goals:

45min 21sec – Dave Phillips
46min 15sec – Evan Cheverie
49min 47sec – Paul Deniset (third hatrick in three games at the Dome!)
51min 55sec – Bobby Robins
56min 26sec – George Awada.

I remember thinking after Deniset’s hatrick goal, ‘oh great we still have 10 minutes to go!’

It simply was a shambolic period from the Phoenix, Murphy was trying his best, but even he started to get affected by the poor performance! Finally Adam Summerfield got some ice time and came on for the last two minutes! Personally I would have had him on sooner! The game was lost after 19seconds! The only bright point was Kyle Bruce having a fight and, in my book, wiping the floor with his Giants adversary. Cheered us up in the stands!

Verdict: As you may have guessed I was not happy with last night’s game. Sorry I tell a lie, the Phoenix were great for the first two periods, but guys, hockey is a 60min game! The drop in performance was shocking, no wonder the atmosphere was flat and no one could be bothered singing!
Im not professing that the Phoenix are a great team, but this season we have a good set of players who have shown they can beat anyone! Plus for the first two periods, we not only equalled the Giants but possible edged it! Which makes the humiliating score line harder to take!
Coupled with the loss in Shuff Friday night, this means the Phoenix have now lost 4 in a row. The Devils are now edging closer, if the Phoenix want to live up to their league placing they need some consitency and need it now!
I think that is where the Phoenix are at now, we are a comfortable mid-table team, getting WLWLW results. Now the next development must be to string together a few wins, this will truly see the team press into the top 4!

Attendance: Not one of the best crowd’s in last night, I guesstimate about 1,200 in!

As usual here is the Manchester Online article.

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