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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Few Random Things.....

As you may have seen from my past couple of posts, its summer time! Which means no hockey in the UK! So from now until September this blog may well see a few posts on some pretty random stuff!

That's not to say there is no hockey, we do still have the Stanley Cup Playoff's, which, at the time of posting is looking like it will be Pittsburgh v Detroit for the cup! This will at least satisfy my hockey cravings for the next month or so!

So looking ahead to the summer The Angry Budgie will be going on its travels again, for June is Download 2009 and for July its Blur at Hyde Park. There may well be another holiday before the season starts.

Anyway, tonight see's Manchester United take on Barcelona in the Champions League final, now im not a United fan but I will be hoping the Red Devils win the cup. Its nice to see Mancunian clubs have success!

A final thought, when the season roll's round again I will continue with my game by game reviews of the Phoenix home games in the EPL. I plan on doing the same period by period review, with an end verdict and guesstimate on attendance. I will also continue to include links to local media reviews and the Phoenix TV highlights. However if you, out there in reader land, have any recommendations/changes you wish to see feel free to contact The Angry Budgie's email address shown at the top of the blog!

So enjoy your evening, and keep supporting hockey!

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