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Monday, 1 June 2009

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Game One

As the domestic season is now at an end, eyes turn to North America for the annual battle for Sir Stanley's mug. The final show down after a mammoth regular season pits the 2008 finalists against each other one more time. Detroit v Pittsburgh a battle of two historic NHL franchises.

May 30th saw game one in Detroit, and what a cracker! Both teams flying from the first puck drop, no inch given no strength spared. Some frightening hits going in at the Joe! The game itself was played at a pace worthy of the final. Eventually Detroit would win game one by a score of 3-1. To be fair Detroit edged the game, however were very fortunate in at least two of the goals rebounding rather strangely, and favourably to a Detroit stick.

Despite all this the Pens did get on the board and were able to create there own offence to worry the Wings. A fantastic crowd of 20,066 at the Joe created an atmosphere only seen in Cup hockey.

I know game two happened sunday night, but ill work on that post in readiness for tomorrow. In the mean time head on over to and check out the highlights!

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