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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers vs Mississippi State Game Review Saturday 26th September

Next up last weekend for the LSU Tigers was an away game against Mississippi State in the Davis Wade Stadium in Starkeville. This would be a tough game against the number 7 ranked team! Anyway without further ado onto the game!

First Quarter: It was to be a poor start for Mississippi when, on the first snap of the game, the snap by Lee slipped through his recievers hands into LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson's fingers. He then ran untouched for 37 yards to the endzone. With 12min 47sec on the clock the Tigers were 6-0 to the good, the extra point conversion was not held by LSU holder Derek Helton. Mississippi were on the board when they drove 66 yards over nine plays to the LSU 2 yard line. Dixon then took a great misdirected pass and dived over to score. Add in the conversion and with 7min 14sec the Buldogs held a 7-6 lead. Not to be outdone LSU then went on their own nine play 66 yard drive, culminating in a touchdown for LaFell and the extra point made the scores 13-7 with 3min 45sec left in the quarter. Sadly for LSU a special teams mistake would hand the Buldogs the lead. After Alex Russian hiked the ball over Helton's head the Buldogs finished off with a 1 yard touchdown drive. This out Mississippi ahead 14 -13.

Second Quarter: The only score of the game was to come to LSU, after a fumble by Mississippi's running back Arnil Stallworth, LSU converted a 22 yard field goal. Scores at half time 16-14 to LSU.

Third Quarter: LSU started the second half in style, with plenty of time on the ball Jefferson aimed a 58 yard touchdown dart into the hands of LaFell, this gave LSU a lead of 23 points to 14 with 13min 30sec in the quarter. The Buldogs pressed hard and with 6min 33 sec on the clock they were rewarded. Marcus Green caught a 50 yard pass from Tyson Lee for a fine touchdown. Scores now 23-21 to LSU.

Fourth Quarter: What was to come was something special, Chad Jones fielded a punt on the LSU 7 yard line and running down the left sideline ran for 93 yards to the Mississippi endzone. This was LSU's second logest punt return in their history. After that impressive score LSU were 30-21 in the lead with 14min 36sec left in the game. The Bulldog's new they had to press for a score, and with a 46 yard catch by O'Neil Wilder the Buldogs had to settle for a 22 yard field goal. With 10min 13sec the scores were 30-24 to LSU. The LSU defence held firm and the final score was to come from the Buldogs, with 51sec to go in the game, Helton was confined to the LSU endzone and rather than punt from there elected to step out of the endzone for a safety. Final score Mississippi 26 LSU 30.

Attendance: 53,612 the sixth largest in stadium history!

LSU Tiger TV Highlights:
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So next up for LSU is Georgia, then the biggie against the Gators!

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