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Thursday, 1 October 2009

EPL Season Playlist - First Edition

Right over the past week or so I've been thinking about doing another musical themed hockey post, and a couple of tracks came to mind that could be quite appropriate! There will hopefully be a few of these posts as we head through the season so consider this the start of something this season! Following in from a Five Minute Major, Breakaway British Hockey Blog and TAB's first attempt, this post will see some obvious choices and some not so obvious choices!

So without further ado onto the music......

1) One Minute Silence - Fish Out of Water

'Some you win some you loose....the fish are out of water'

This one came to me rather randomly recently, this song was the single reason I bought the album. Cracking tune and, during my time at uni was a favourite on the rock club dance floor! On a hockey front, the lyrics cant be more apt, the tale of a hockey season, games you'll win and games you'll loose!

2) Saliva - Ladies & Gentlemen

'Like nothing you've ever seen before, watch closely as I open this door, your jaws will be on the floor, after this you'll be begging for more'

The theme tune to the Phoenix entry video in previous seasons, and an absolutely perfect song. The lyrics are appropriate (as any first time hockey visitor would attest too) and a real heavy tune. Easy to clap to, and a tune so perfect that since the Phoenix have dropped it for this season, a 15 page thread appears on the forums about the choice of tune! The appearance of which, Rob over at The Pyre commented on recently!

3) Journey - Dont Stop Believing

'Don't stop believing, hold onto that feeling'

The thinking for this song stem's from a quotation at the foot of the Phoenix website, from MD Neil Morris:

'If you believe in a dream for long enough it becomes reality - Neil Morris - April 2003'

With all the crap and heartache Phoenix fans have been through you really cant stop believing!

4) Children of Bodom - In Your Face

'Say one, more word, I double-dare you, BRING IT ON, Its my world, you're in it, It'll take you down in a minute'

Read those lyrics and you cant not think of hockey, pure aggression and fight. Two things which are very important the moment you step out onto the ice! It also illustrates how quickly you can go from dominating a game to complete humiliation! Better take care out there boys 'n' girls!

5) Biffy Clyro - That Golden Rule

No real reason for having this tune in the list, except for its epicness, forget the first half of the song just go straight to the last half and enjoy!

So that's it for today, hope you like the tunes, feel free to comment!

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