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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers v Louisianna Tech Game Review Saturday 14th

Next up for the Fighting Tigers was a state rivalry game against Louisianna Tech, to be played in Deaf Valley. Bragging rights were up for grabs in Baton Rouge.

First Quarter: The Tigers would force LTech to punt on their first possession, this allowed the Tigers to put some points on the board. A nine play 47 yard drive would bring LSU to the LTech 35 yard line. Josh Jasper would tac on the field goal and give the Tigers a 3-0 lead with 9min 08sec left. LTech would hit right back when they pushed the ball to the LSU 13 yard line. Matt Nelson would score with his own 30 yard attempt, the game now tied 3-3 with 4min 23sec left in the quarter. LSU would end the quarter ahead, a 79 yard drive was capped by a 25 yard run by Williams and a 38 yard catch from LaFell, who dived over the endzone. LSU 10-3 ahead with 1min 55sec left.

Second Quarter: Each team traded punts, as no one was able to take control of the quarter in the initial stages. However with 4min 32sec left LTech would get on the board. LTech marched 43 yards in 11 plays down field to set up a 33 yard field goal by Nelson. The LSU lead cut to 10-6. LTech would take the lead after driving the ball close to the LSU endzone. On a fourth and 2 from the 1 yard line, Porter would take the snap and pass the ball to Morris for the touchdown. LTech's 13-10 halftime lead was the first time that had happened since 1904.

Third Quarter: Another couple of punt's traded until LSU took control. Starting at their own 41 yard line the Tigers would drive the ball all the way down field to LTech's 3 yard line. LaFell would then pass to Williams to score his first TD of the game. LSU were now ahead 17-13 with 6min 59sec left in the quarter. The teams then traded drives, but each one ended with a punt.

Fourth Quarter: LSU would seal the game half way through the final quarter, using the running game LSU would bring the ball to the 9 yard line through runs from Williams and Shepard. Williams, with the ball, would bounce of the left end and beat the defenders to the goal line. The extra point from Jasper would put LSU ahead 24-16 with 7min 01sec to go. LTech tried hard but were unable to get into a scoring position on their next possession. LTech would, however, advance the ball to the LSU 10 yard line, unable to complete they settle for a field goal. Nelson came onto the field to convert a 36 yard field goal to make the scores 24-16 with just 25sec to play. The win ensuring LSU are back to winning ways.


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