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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Floirda Gators v Vanderbuilt Saturday 07th November

Next up for the Gators, and hopefully another win in the Gators, so far, perfect season, would be the visit of Vanderbuilt.

First Quarter: A slow start in The Swap saw both teams exchanging punts, however it would be the Gators who would score first. With one minute left in the quarter Caleb Sturgis would score a 27 yard fieldgoal. The field goal came after a 13 olay 75 yard drive that included a 14 yard reception from David Nelson, and a 21 yard catch by Hernandez. Scores 3-0 to the Gators after the first quarter.

Second Quarter: The Gators defence would turn to attack when Ryan Stamper would pick off a Mackenzi pass and return the ball 18 yards to set up a 25 yard Jeff Demps touchdown. With the extra score the Gators were now up 10-0. The Gators defence continued to hold firm and with 6min 08sec to go Sturgis would again find the uprights on a 45 yard effort.

Third Quarter: Vanderbuilt ensured it was not a whitewash when Ryan Fowler scored a 32 yard field goal. This was the result of some great defence forcing the Gators to thee and out on its first possession. This reduced the margin to 13-3 Gators. The Gators extended their lead with 1min 52 left in the quarter. The Gators marched down the field on a 64 yard 11 play drive. Tebow would then rush for one yard and score the 52nd TD of his career.

Fourth Quarter: The Gators would score again through a Vanderbuilt error. Punter Brett Upson would take a knee after receiving the snap on their own 13 yard line, this would result in a 14 yard loss and a turnover of possession. Tebow would then launch an 8 yard pass to Nelson which extended the Gator lead to 27-3.

Attendance: 90,694

To come......

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