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Thursday, 22 April 2010

.....and pause!

Sorry for the lack of activity on these pages over the past week or so.....I have a busy time at work coming up and no real hockey news to talk about. Just lots and lots of rumour at the moment!

I am glad to see David Beauregard back on these shores, even if he is playing for the Panthers. I could be tempted to get to the NIC just to watch him, but then again ill probably couldn't be bothered!

Anyway I am thinking about the next few blog posts which will mainly involve a season review of the Phoenix squad. The net minders first, followed by the defence then offence. After all that a general Phoenix season review and a few musings on our debut EPL season. I will of course be ignoring comments such as these.

So take care everyone, and keep your eye out for any hockey news!

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