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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tiger Tracks

As you may be aware I have, in the past, been covering the return of the Telford Tigers to the EPL. I have a soft spot for the Tigers, as I hold many a fond memory of playing junior hockey in Telford for the various Trafford/Altrincham junior teams.

Anyway, back in this post, I mentioned that the Tigers supporters had decided to set up a trust to run the club. This is now gathering pace, and the Tigers are now accepting members to join the Tiger Tracks supporters trust. This costs the grand total of £10!

So why not head over to the Tigers website and join up! Its only a tenner, and will help the Tigers return to the EPL. I had hoped to have the pdf application form on these pages for you to download, but it seems you cannot upload files. So if anyone out there in readerland knows how to, can you email The Angry Budgie please?

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