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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Telford Tigers Weekend 27/28th November

If you remember from my Tigers weekend post of last week, the Tigers had a difficult pair of games against the league leading Guildford Flames. A pair of games that you would think should be a 4 pointer for the Flames. Most Tigers, and Phoenix fan's will know, the recent version of the Tigers is a much different team now. One that is much more difficult to breakdown and a hard working bunch.

Saturday night saw the Flames travel to Telford for a game, I thought, would offer the Tigers the best chance of getting some points over the weekend. In fact the Tigers made just the start they needed scoring after just 35seconds! That early goal can help to unsettle the away team and introduce some doubt in their minds. Unfortunately it didn't look like the Flames would get unsettled racing to a 3-1 lead. Game over you would have thought? The Tigers kept it close and coach Tom Watkins closed the game to within one at the 58min 12sec mark, squeaky bum time! As many a hockey fan will know, one goal needed, less than two minutes to go, the game will go one of two ways. A game tieing goal and the home rink erupts, or heartbreak! Sadly for the Tigers it was the latter, but both the team and fans can be proud they pushed the Flames all the way and gave them a fright and a half!

All back to Guildford sunday then! Re-match time! The previous nights game will have given the Tigers such a boost and reminded the Flames they are no pushovers. It sounds like another close games was had between the two sides. Trading goals the Tigers pushed the Flames all the way, in fact leading the game until the last few minutes. A point secured! But the Tigers wanted more, after pushing the Phoenix all the way to OT/Penalties and loosing, this time they wanted both points! Up stepped Tom Watkins again to score the vital goal 3 minutes into the overtime period, securing the win for the Tigers. Along the way the Tigers are gaining fan's, I know many fellow Phoenix fan's love what the Tigers are showing, and judging by comments on THF, Guildford fans are the same.

Im sure some fans are happy with 2 points from a weekend pair of games against the Flames, but im sure most will could have been 3 or 4 points! Being so close to getting the home win as well! A pair of games to be proud of for me! Let's hope the form continues, except for when the Tigers meet the Phoenix of course!

Tigers v Flames Weekend double header.

Game Winning Goal:

Next up for the Tigers is an away game to the Bees and a home game to the Bison. The Bracknell game is winnable for the Tigers and one they should if they want a playoff spot. The Bison will be a tougher nut to crack, they work very hard, are skillful and physical. Much luck to Telford this weekend then!

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