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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Telford Tigers Weekend 4/5th December

I think last time I posted about the Tigers I said their saturday game against Bracknell was an ideal opportunity for the Tigers to pick up some points, then the sunday game against the Bison would be a bit more difficult! I was nearly right!

Sadly it seemed a sickness bug would knock the stuffing out of the Tigers and prevent them paying at their best, and at a level that had brought some much needed pointage! The saturday game against the Bee's in Bracknell would still be their best opportunity for picking up a win. Despite their illness the Tigers still managed to get 2-0 by the third period. But, as I have mentioned in posts about the Phoenix playing the Bees, the Bees still have the quality to score. Saturday night was no exception, in the space of two minutes the Bees had levelled the game, sending it to OT. No further goals were scored sending the game to the penalty shootout lottery. It would be heartbreak for the Tigers again, as the Bees won the shootout for the extra point. Still a valuable point gained on the road!

Against the Bison the Tigers played hard and despite conceding the only goal of the first period, came back to tie the game in the second. The second period would see the Bison really shift through the gears and the Tigers ill health take it's toll. By the end of the session the Bison had raced to a 4-1 lead. The game finished 6-3 to the Bison, so no giant killing last sunday at the Telford Ice Rink. But given the Tigers went into the weekend not firing on all cylinders the Tigers could have been on the end of a much worse scoreline. Though I doubt many Tigers fans will agree, they would have seen that home game as a potential win.

Cant have a game without some controversy:

The Tigers now embark on a tough 3 game road trip against the Steeldog's, my Phoenix and the Wildcats. The first and last of those I see as potential win's for the Tigers. I know the Phoenix will not underestimate them like they did for the Tigers first visit to Altrincham!

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