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Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Dog's of the Desert

coyotes_uk, that's my sign in on so many forums on the internet I really should explain where it came from! Way back when, I was sat in an internet cafe in Wilmslow to set up my first email account. At the time I was still playing hockey, attended games at the old Devonshire Road ice rink in Altrincham and was a Trafford Metro's fan. Players like Oleg Sinkov, Ari-Peka Mikkola, Rick fera, Igor Yurchenko and future Telford Tiger legend Claud Dumas graced the old aircraft hangar ice. I was into hockey, i loved it, the old ice rink in Altrincham had no plexi, just boards and netting. You were really up close with the action and I was converted, a hockey die hard.

At the same time I regularly watched the NHL on the telly and for some, irrational reason, became a fan of the Phoenix Coyotes. I think my affinity with the Yotes as I see my growth in hockey along side the Yotes establishing themselves in the desert, ive almost grown up at the same time as the Coyotes. Thus, being a Coyotes fan living in the UK you can see where my sign in comes from! I really thought long and hard about that one! All that, of course, bears no relation to the naming of this blog, but my love affair with the Yotes continues!

Everyone knows about the current issues regarding the Coyotes and their future, but throughout it all I have never seen any concrete moves to take the Yotes from the desert. The fan support and passion is there, just look at the, now legendary, white out's! Look at the post season atmosphere's in the arena. The fans are there in the desert, they just need to come out a little more often. A while ago I did some stats based on average attendances, and I believe since their inception the Coyotes have always averaged in the bottom 5 in the NHL. I firmly believe the past to season appearance in the post season, and the Coyotes youthful team will help build the fan base. I will be interested to see how attendances go this coming season.

Anyway the 2011/12 season will see a bit more Coyotes coverage on this blog, @theangrybudgie has been getting more coverage and connections with hockey fans in Arizona (thanks to @azvibesports) and as a result a few more hits for the blog. Plus being the Manchester branch of the Coyotes fanclub I feel it is only right to do my bit!

So this is just an introductory blog but I plan on writing a bit more about last season's, now seemingly regular date with the Wings in the postseason. exploits, this summer's fun and the things to look forward to in 2011/12!

Now if the Phoenix ever played Phoenix, I think I would literally explode!

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