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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Phoenix Summer Update Number 5

The final piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place, the Phoenix announced their final import slot would be filled on the D by 36 year old Czech Jaroslav Spelda. Spelda joins the Phoenix from Italian side Eppan Appiano, prior to his stint in Italy Jaroslav has spent the majority of his career in the Slovak and Czech Extraliga's, icing over 530 games across both countries.

Being the final player signed in the summer guarantee's he will be amazing! Tony Hand's final signings have a tradition of being some of his best, by all accounts Spelda will be no different. Tall-ish Spelda add's some good size and weight to the Phoenix D line and replace Gomeniuk who departed to Sheffield. I would love to see Spelda and Harabin together on the ice, they would be some immovable wall! However I don't think Tony will pair the two together. Hopefully Spelda will fit in well with the team, given all the Phoenix imports are all from the, former, Czecoslovakia there should be a certain kinship there. Apologise if that thought is wide of the mark, by the way, my history knowledge is a little rusty, the Czech's and the Slovak's may hate each others guts!

With his arrival the Phoenix now have a full roster, I plan on writing a couple of posts about the full squad, you may agree, you will probably disagree, but hey it's all fun!

One final comment, I notice across on the Iceman EPL website the Phoenix have had a few comments regarding Andrew Sharp. These have been comments relating to rumors Sharpy was off to Guildford. Why is everyone interested? Why are the Phoenix even commenting on it? He was only ever signed for one season, so it was never a given that he was returning to the Phoenix. For me, I didn't want Sharpy back, he did a job for us but, as soo many people say you really need point production from every roster spot in the EPL. While Sharp did get the odd point, you did have to worry he was going to get himself thrown out of a game!

Anyway Sharpy has gone back to the LNAH and signed for the, wonderfully named, Thetford Mines Isothermic!

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