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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Game Six

Well after the 5-0 drubbing in game five it was up to the Pens to save the playoffs and come up with a win and force a game seven back in Detroit. Thankfully they did, so lets recap game six!

(some of you may well have noticed im posting this late, my excuse is being at the Download Festival all weekend!)

The Wings rolled into the Mellon with the chance to win the cup, coming off the back of annihilating the Pens in Game 5 confidence must have been high in the Detroit camp. Im sure most of the players would have preferred to be on the verge of lifting the cup in the Joe, but hey a Stanley Cup win is sweet no matter where it happens!

The first clear cut chance came to the Wings with Zetterberg free on in the hashmarks only to come up against an inspired Fleurey in the Pens net. with just a minute and a half left on the period Zetterberg was, once again, found on his own in front of the Pens net, and once again Fleurey came up big and denied the him!

Early in the second Staal managed to poke check the puck round a rushing Detroit defence man and rush 2 on 1 to Osgood's net, with his fellow attacker Staal was able to take one shot, get the rebound and put the puck in the back of the net. Advantage Pittsburgh! To give themselves a chance of forcing a game seven the Penguins upped the ante and started laying waste to some Detroit bodies! The Detroit attack seemed no existent in the second period, then with less than two minutes to go, that man Zetterberg is homing in on Fleurey only to hit the post. Then a minute later Fedetenko is found in front of Osgood only for Chirs to come up big to deny the Pens extending their lead!

Into the third, and the Wings know what they need to do to win the cup! Things got even tougher when, after 5 minutes, the Mellon explodes as the Pens go 2-0 up! Kennedy on the post hacking away forces the puck into Osgood's net. Then, its as if the Wings knew, with 12mins on the clock Sir Stanley's mug arrives in the arena and the Wings finally get on the board. With the puck in the Pens zone, the Detroit defence cycles the puck from one point to the other and after a big shot from Ericksson, Chris draper is on hand to put away the rebound. At around 9mins 50seconds im sure every Pens fan had his/her heart in their mouth. Fleurey unsighted, doesn't know where the puck is as it dribbles across the goal, a Detroit player closing in then.........and fine clearance from the Penguins defence! A championship saving moment?......possibly!
All the Pens needed was to hold on, and the last chance for Detroit came with 20 seconds left, and with an extra skater the puck is put on net. Cue an insane scramble on net the Pens hold on for the win!

So that's it the Pens forced a game 7, the holy grail of the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Game seven will get posted tomorrow, followed by The Angry Budgie on Tour - Download Special!

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