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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Game Two

After the Wings well and truly outplaying the Pens in game one, it was down to the Pens to turn up and make a game of it.

Well game two in Detroit saw the frenetic play pretty much carry on from game one! Some damn good chances for both teams finally saw the Pens take the lead. With a goal worthy of any seen at the Ice Dome. Scrappy and chippy in its excellence here! At least 3 Wings D men could not stop the shear persistence of Malkin to give the Pens the lead!

The Penguins defence must be shot for the wings first goal of the game. A face off in the Pens zone is lost to Detroit, puck back to the point and a shot in on goal. The Pens defence managed to leave Helm on his tod in front of Fleury. Excellent work by Helm on the other hand, he did what he needed to do! Make life difficult for Fleury! The Wings go-ahead goal was a bit fortunate, with Marian Hossa lucky to get away with a slashing call. Even so Holdstrom was again the man on net creating problems, and with Fleury on his chest it was a fairly simple goal for Filppula.

The Pens needed to get into the game, and what better start to the third period than having Sidney Crosby on the net all alone. Somehow Osgood came up big and denied the Pens captain. Now how big could that miss be, well pretty big as it turns out! As the Wings went up the other end, and with a bit of a weak shot from Abdelkader made it 3-1. Fleury will want that one back, a bouncing puck and a bit of a cricket bat attempt somehow finds its way above Fleury's glove hand and in to the net.

So ended the game with a bit of frustration, Malkin on the net in the face of Osgood resulted in a bit of fire from the Pens and a slight ruckus!

On to game 3, which for those who keep up to date will already know the score! Ill work on my post for tomorrow!

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