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Thursday, 3 December 2009

LSU vs Arkansas Saturday 28th November

Arkansas up next for LSU, and the Tigers will want to be putting the previous weeks loss to Ole Miss behind them as soon as possible!

First Quarter: Arkansas began the game receiving possession and tried to exert some early pressure. Arkansas forced a sack and began their own drive from the 39 yard line, ending up at the LSU 34. The Tigers defence put pressure on Mallet and Arkansas had to settle for a long field goal attempt. So with 8min 17sec left, Tejada would score a career best 47 yard field goal to give Arkansas a 3-0 lead. LSU hit right back when Jefferson found LaFell at the second attempt for a 16 yard touchdown pass that may have been intended for Toliver. Jaspers extra point gave LSU a 7-3 lead with 5min 21sec left in the quarter. LSU pressured the Arkansas line again, but the defence came up big and stopped LSU on the 2 yard line. Jasper came up big again on a 47 yard field goal, to give LSU a 10-3 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter: LSU forced another punt after a sack on Akansas, the following 47 yard punt found Holliday who began an 87 yard run for the endzone. With 12min 29sec to play LSU had a 17-3 lead. Arkansas refused to be beaten and following two more punts had the ball with 1min 51sec to go. Advancing to the LSU 18, Arkansas had to turn to a field goal, and with just 48sec left on the half Tejada converted a 35 yard field goal to make the scores 17-6.

Third Quarter: Arkansas began the second half in fine style, Franklin picked off an LSU pass and returned the ball 28 yards to the LSU 27 yard line. Three runs later and Arkansas would score their first touchdown of the game from 13 yards. With 12min 24sec left the LSU lead was cut to 17-13. LSU responded almost immediately when Jefferson had acres of space in the pocket to find Peterson alone in the endzone for a 15 yard touchdown. With 7min 15sec LSU lead 24-13. Arkansas hit right back and scored their second straight touchdown drive. Advancing the ball 73 yards on seven plays they cut the LSU lead to 24-20 with 4min 15sec left in the quarter.

Fourth Quarter: So with just 15min left in the game would LSU grind out the win or would Arkansas pull off a tremendous comeback? Two 6 yard runs would get Arkansas to the LSU 28 yard line, Arkansas tried hard and Mallet would be forced from the pocket and only pick up 5 yards. This forced Arkansas to go for the field goal, and Tejada duly delivered a 40 yard effort. So with 9min 52sec Arkansas edged close to LSU, scores now 24-23. LSU would drive the ball hard on the next possession and would get to the Arkansas 34 yard line. LSU couldn't manage the conversion, and had to bring Jasper onto the field. With just 4min 05sec LSU lead 27-23 following Jaspers 47 yard effort. Arkansas would ensure a grand stand finish in Baton Rouge. With just 1min 18sec to play, on a fourth and 9 from the LSU 14 yard line, Mallet would step up into the pocket and pick out Joe Adams in the endzone to score the touchdown. This gave Arkansas a 30-27 lead, their first in the game! The stadium exploded with just 4sec to go, Jefferson had completed three straight passes of 10/11 and 8 yards to get to the Arkansas 40 yard line. A further 9 yard gain would set up a 41 yard field goal attempt by Jasper, and with nerves of steel he scored to send the game into Overtime.

Overtime: Jasper would prove to be the winner for LSU, scoring another field goal to give LSU the 33-30 win.

Attendance: 93,013 in the last game at Tiger Stadium for the season.


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