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Monday, 7 December 2009

Phoenix v Milton Keynes 06th December Game Review

Saturday night saw the Phoenix travel to Bracknell and the game was also broadcast live on BBC radio, with Ollie Williams doing the superb commentary. The Phoenix seem to be making a habit of starting games slowly, and listening in to the commentary it seemed the case in Bracknell. The Phoenix only really getting going when 4-1 down. Adam Summerfield continued in goal and by the sounds of things coped well. Sunday's game at home to MK Lightning would be a different matter. The attacking forced posed by MK far superior to anything young Summerfield had faced so far. Personally I didn't hold much hope for a victory, but being a supporter of the Phoenix conditions you for surprises! Plus this would be the last visit of the Lightning to the Dome (for a league game anyway) this season! Utter madness when you consider we haven't even played Guilford yet!

First Period: Another good crowd in the Ice Dome and a healthy contingent up from MK making a racket as usual. A typically fast and frenetic first period saw young Summerfield tested early. The Phoenix defense was not quite on the ball with helping Adam out and as a result MK would score first. The goal coming after 3min 41sec on the powerplay to Adam Brittle. Further pressure would be heaped on Summerfield (and the Phoenix') shoulders just 4 and abit minutes later, an even strength goal at 8min 6sec from Monir Kalgoum. The Phoenix managed to stem the flow of goals in the first, but could not get their own offense scoring just yet. Another feature of the first period was some questionable reffing from Goodwin, seemingly picking on the Phoenix in the first period. The star call being a misconduct penalty on Ed Courtenay for abuse of official. Those who saw the incident saw Ed dumping the puck into the MK zone, just missing Goodwin's head!

Second Period: The second would see Goodwin realize their were two teams on the ice and start calling MK for some penalties. Despite this MK would score first in the second period, after 29min 24sec Michael Farn would score un-assisted, and a goal that Adam will want back. The Phoenix would finally get into gear, and as on many previous occasions, the top line would get things going. Adam Walker on the receipt of some exquisite play from Hand and Courtenay at 30min 44sec. MK would make it 4-1 at 35min 23sec, and make the Phoenix recover from another 4-1 deficit. Monir Kalgoum scoring his second of the game. At this point it seemed MK would loose their discipline and head into penalty trouble. The Phoenix would lift home spirits with a storming end to the second period. With two goals in less than 30seconds in the dying stages of the period. The first at 38min 47sec saw Mattsson tip in a shot from Courtenay on a 5 on 3 powerplay. Then again on the powerplay Jaakko Hagelberg would send the Phoenix into the interval just one goal down when he scored at 39min 15sec.

Third Period: All set for another barnstorming finish at the Dome, the Phoenix would have to work hard to come up with the goods. More end to end action, but the Phoenix would score to tie the game, again as a result of some poor discipline from MK the game tying goal came on the powerplay.With Leigh Jamieson in the bin for tripping, then Nick Poole in for a misconduct penalty the Phoenix would capitalise when Jaakko Hagelberg would get his second of the game and send the home support into raptures, scoring after 57min 19sec. No further goals to come in the period sent us into overtime. GIven we were playing with our back up goalie, if you had offered me a point at faceoff, and when we were 4-1 down I would have bitten your arm off! Now we had a chance to go for the win!

Overtime: 4-4 would always suit the Phoenix, with such fast and skillful forwards the open ice would be an advantage. Then, with Mattsson and Towalski in the box on delay of game penalties, the Phoenix would seal the win 3 on 3. After a faceoff in Phoenix territory, the MK defence got confused on the blue line and missed the advancing Boothroyd up the wing. The one man who didn't, Tony Hand, found him with an inch perfect cross. Luke would race down the wing and score a real peach through the 5 hole to give the Phoenix the extra point.

Verdict: Wow what another cracker against MK! The game was a gem, tempered slightly by some poor reffing. Initial worries about young Adam in goal have been soothed by another good performance, in what was his most intense game yet! Another comeback win, just proves the resolve in this team. A feature that could just well win a shiny pot or two!

Attendance: Seem to be picking up now, and games of last night's standards will only help! Not the biggest of the season I think but ill guess at around 950 in the Dome.


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