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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Phoenix Rolling - 11th Jan Telford Tigers

I apologise for getting behind on my match reports, the next couple of games, I will admit, I have left quite a while until posting. 
With that in mind I wont go into the usual level of detail except, to direct you to each teams match report and, Phoenix TV for highlights/interviews of all the goal action. As for the stats, below is a run down of when each goal went in and the scorers: 

Phoenix PP, 3.31 Kovar 
Telford PP, 12.17 Salem 
Telford, 14.18 Novak 
Phoenix, 25.27 Neil 
Telford PP, 31.48 Zajac 
Telford 41.21 McKenzie 
Phoenix, 50.55 Watkins 
Telford, 53.30 Miller 

As for the game overall, it was always going to be a huge huge mountain for the Phoenix. I think, during the anthems, I counted 16 players for the Phoenix and 22 for the Tigers. Add in that the Tigers roster is so much stronger to begin with you get a picture of how tough this game would be. In the end a 5-3 loss to the Tigers I could not argue with. Their penalty kill and powerplay unit's are so good, you just cant give them the edge. With that said, the Phoenix played really really well and, in fairness, should have got a point from the game. It wasn't to be though....onwards and upwards! 

Phoenix 3 Telford 5 - Phoenix Article
Phoenix 3 Telford 5 - Tigers Article


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