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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Phoenix Rolling - 8th January Sheffield Steeldogs

As with my post about the Telford game just before this one, I apologise for the lack of an in-depth run down. 
This derby game was also a groupon game so a big crowd was in and, I was looking after some good friends who had come to the game. As with the Tigers game, below is a run down of the goals and who scored them. Match reports from each teams website and Phoenix TV will fill you in on the details. 

Phoenix, 6.43 Bakrlik 
Phoenix, 7.16 Psurny 
Phoenix, 9.52 Chamberlain 
Phoenix, 12.54 Watkins 
Phoenix, 19.43 Wood 
Sheffield, 23.07 Hirst 
Phoenix PP, 25.15 Bakrlik 
Sheffield PP, 30.56 Ozolins 
Phoenix PP, 53.34 Archer 
Phoenix, 54.19 Graham 

Fantastic win in the end, it was so good seeing the Phoenix grind Sheffield into the ice. The first period was something special! A truly dominating performance from the first puck drop to the last! 

Phoenix 8 Sheffield 2 - Phoenix Article
Phoenix 8 Sheffield 2 - Steeldogs Article

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