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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Phoenix Rolling - 27th December Telford Tigers

Hey everyone, sorry for the slow posting of match reports! 
I shall try and do better for 2015! 

The weekend in question saw the Phoenix play the Tigers in a home/away series across 48hours. The games so far against the Tigers have been close on the ice and on the scoreboard. 

First Period: The puck dropped and from the very beginning the game was played at a fast pace. The Phoenix competing but, The Tigers superiority was beginning to show, the Tigers press all over the Ice, including a high and effective forecheck. They crowd the centre ice so it is difficult to get through, with the early pressure it was no surprise that the visitors took the early lead. Jason Silverthorn tipping a shot from Ondrej to deceive Declan Ryan, goal scored at 3min 19sec. The period continued with the end to end flow but no further goals were scored. The Phoenix really struggling to spend extended periods in the Tigers zone. 

Second Period: The Phoenix came out the traps in the second period with speed and intent, that drive was rewarded when the home side pulled level. After 22min 26sec Tony Hand passed to Psurny who lifted the puck over Thomas Murdy to light the lamp for the home team. The next 10mins or so the Phoenix really began to ratchet up their own pressure and controlled the Ice. That pressure did not result in another goal and, a 6min period of madness saw the Phoenix give up three goals and the initiative in the game. Jason Silverthorn completed yet another hattrick against the Phoenix with a quick double, goals coming at 32min 19sec and 36min 34sec. Then the vast experience of Weaver added to the lead with a superb blue line shot at 38min 28sec. 

Third Period: 4-1 down and the home side looking deflated, it was no surprise that the Tigers quickly added to their tally and killed the game off in the first two minutes of the final period. Just 50sec into the period Novak extended the Tigers lead at 40min 50sec and about a minute later Nathan Salem made it 6-1 at just 41min 58sec. Sadly that killed the game and the atmosphere with the home crowd a little stunned by the Tigers demolition of their own team. A solitary consolation goal by Bakrlik at 52min 03sec roused the crowd but, little more than a small cheer to be honest! 

Verdict: The Phoenix competed for about 30minutes before the Tigers superior roster finally tolled. The 10min period in the second session was crucial and killed off the game. The Phoenix just did not look to have the fire to get back in it in the third period. A poor night for the Phoenix, but I cannot lay all the blame on the Phoenix. It is true that some players did not perform as they can but, the Tigers were just better! With the money they have, they have assembled an awesome roster. Not just the depth but the quality! You can argue they are just buying the league, they are and they can! No issue with that for me! Take the Tigers out the table and the EPL is competitive! It's just it's comparative between everyone else! 

Attendance: A subdued post christmas crowd in the Ice Dome, i'll guess at 900 in. 

Phoenix 2 Tigers 6 - Phoenix Article
Phoenix 2 Tigers 6 - Tigers Article

The weekend of pain continued unfortunately for the Phoenix, they were once again soundly beaten by the Tigers. Again 6-2, this time in Telford. 

Tigers 6 Phoenix 2 - Phoenix Article
Tigers 6 Phoenix 2 - Tigers Article

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