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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ah well lets get started!

Despite what I said below, I was just too excited to get going and wait until next week!

So this is the first proper post in my blog, and I wanted to explain my reasons for starting a blog, so without further ado, let's get started:

Firstly: I am a hockey nut, I love hockey, I was brought up on hockey and have watched it as far back as I can remember! Ive had the chance to play hockey in Altrincham for a few of the different junior teams and had the pleasure of supporting the Metros back in the day! Oli Sinkov – Legend!

Secondly: The Phoenix, or The Phoenix via the Storm. My trip to the Phoenix began when the Nynex was being built and my dad and brother were asked to form part of a back room team who were to run match nights for the Manchester Storm. As a result I began to watch Storm games week in, week out and became resident in block 103. After a stint in the match night team myself and saddened through the loss of the Storm my hockey life got a new lifeline with the arrival of the Phoenix! Went to game one, took up residency in block 4 and still going to this day!

Thirdly: The other hockey bloggers! I have developed a habit that began last season of reading other hockey blogs on a regular basis, and I have loved reading everyone, my favourites I have linked to on my page. So when this season 0809 began the thought came into my mind to start one myself!

Thirdly part 2: In connection with the above, I dearly want the sport of Hockey to gain more recognition in this country. Here at the Phoenix crowds are steadily growing and with more blog’s/podcasts etc… we can elevate the sport in the UK.

So here we are the start of a new road for me, I only hope its ok to read!

As always comments are appreciated and input as to how I can improve the reading pleasure will be taken on board!

Thanks for reading!

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