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Monday, 27 October 2008

Phoenix v Hull 27th October Game Review

Right…before I get on with my own review of the Phoenix v Hull game I wanted to make a couple of announcements. I have prepared a couple of posts with my views on the Phoenix so far and the league in general, including some opinions on how the Phoenix start to the season has been seen by other fans. Ill hopefully have these posts up in the next week or so! The other thing is, please stick with me on this blog thing, Its all new to me! Im still tinkering with the look of my blog and im also still finding my feet on how to write blog posts ……ill get there soon!

Also a big thank you to Paul over at the Breakaway British Hockey blog, not only for the name check but for bestowing ‘The Angry Budgie’ with the ‘Best Title of a Hockey Blog’ award!

Ok so a quick comment regarding the Coventry v Phoenix game from Saturday the 25th, now in the past I would have been happy with a point or at least a close game. But this season, with how well the team are doing, Ill be honest and say im gutted the team were not able to hold onto a two goal lead! But, if anything, that shows how far this years team has come! To go to Coventry with the realistic chance of getting something really does show this team could win things! Now with my Phoenix tinted specks on it seems like we were done in by the officials but I was not there so I can’t really use that as an excuse! Never the less I think that game has gone along way to convince sceptical fans around the league that the Phoenix should not be taken lightly!

Right onto the Phoenix v Hull game from yesterday (26th), this could have been a tricky game especially after a hard game in Coventry the previous night. Our games V Hull have never been easy and the Phoenix were made to work for the two points!

First Period: thought we dominated the period and despite some great goal tending from Cruickshank we could have gone into the break 2 or 3 nil up.

Second Period: Crikey what a start from the Phoenix, 26 seconds in and the lead was doubled from David Beauregard. But credit to Hull who dug deep and pulled a goal back. Just to make us Phoenix fans get a little edgy!

Third Period: Well it all went off in this period didn’t it!! The Phoenix and Hull traded goals up to 4-4, with the Phoenix never really closing out the game. It took a Nathan Ward goal with about 4 minutes to go before Stingray heads began to drop, and with the easiest goal Bauregard will ever score (empty netter) the Phoenix ground out the 6-4 win.

Verdict: Always thought the Phoenix were better than Hull, but we were made to work hard for the two points. I don’t mind that, as it shows the Phoenix can get down and work for the win! It was obvious the game the previous night in Coventry took a lot out of them but the team ethic and hard work shone through last night.

A quick mention must go to the family of Stingray fans sat in front of me in block 4. Despite being sat in with the Phoenix fans they had so much fun, never caused a problem and the three kids behaved impeccably! Certainly brought a smile to my family’s face!
Quick, announcement for all Phoenix fans, and those across the league! Go take a look at the Elite League Website, the Phoenix are second…yes second!!!!

Attendance: From my guesstimates about 1,200-1,400 in, good crowd, great atmosphere!

Now I think that is the format ill do my game reviews, give or take some minor changes, I would of course appreciate any comments on how you think it could be improved! I do hope that gives a brief outline so you can replay the game however you want in your head!

Finally a quick hello must go out to Cameron, a Canadian from Winnipeg who I met on a flight up from London about two weeks ago! Naturally we got chatting about hockey and my Phoenix head went on and I attempted to sell the Phoenix. So imagine my surprise when, about 15mins before the start of the game my girlfriend makes a comment about a guy wearing a hat saying something like’ That guy looks like the guy you described sitting with on the plane’ low and behold it was! As far as I know he enjoyed the game and went off into the night smiling!

As always comments are appreciated and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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