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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Elite League Money Problems.....

Right, I was intending to post the first of my thoughts on the Phoenix season so far tonight, but reading the local paper and events over the weekend have prompted a change, so what follows is my take on the troubles at the Bison and Caps along with my idea of a solution!

So this post concerns the recent developments at the Bison and the Caps. It seems as though both teams, despite encountering financial difficulties, should make it to the end of the season. But the main thing that worries me is…what happens then?

It seems as though, in both cases, promised sponsorship money has not been forthcoming, also the collapse of Zoom did not help matters. Surely when these sponsorship contracts are drawn up some consideration must be given to making them legally binding? (of course this is where my complete lack of understanding on these matters is shown up!) How can a company, who promises to sponsor a team, simply walk away? That’s what baffles me!!

I consider the Bison/Caps along with the Phoenix as, in the grand scale of things in the Elite League we are all ‘small’ teams. So whenever I hear of other teams having trouble I have to admit to worrying about my team! Thankfully I think no news is good news in terms of the Phoenix! We managed to get all (bar a couple) of players in before Zoom went bust. Our team are playing well so hopefully sponsorship money is continuing to come in, and crowds are up (I think!). Whilst I hope the Phoenix continue to flourish I really hope, come the end of the season, sensible heads can be put on and a long-term future for the Bison/Caps can be found.

My own thought (though probably had by someone else already!) could be to have a central pot, where any profits from the clubs who make money could be shared out to those less fortunate. A bit like the NFL (I think!). I know this idea may not sit well with Giants/Panther/Blaze and Steeler fans, but surely they would prefer to be playing 9 other teams as opposed to 7? That would get very boring very quickly! I can see a hole in that plan already in that, its not a given that the ‘bigger’ teams make a consistent profit (as you never see any financial results) but as the league is run by the club owners surely they can get round a table and thrash something out?

Every new season along with praying for a hard working Phoenix team, I always pray for a full season with every club making it without any wobbles. Again this seems not to be the case for 08/09. So please, Elite League, lets get this sorted for the good of Elite hockey in this country!

p.s. reading through today’s MEN it seems that the future development in Altrincham, which, would have included a new 3,000-seat arena for the Phoenix, has hit difficulties. One of the developers behind the project has filed for administration, I really hope this doesn’t put an end to the project, as our beloved Ice Dome is only a temporary facility. I just hope it doesn’t become a permanent temporary facility!

As always your comments/thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. I heard about the Bison and their problems, but not about the Caps! Looks like I am off to have a nosey!