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Monday, 10 August 2009

Concorde has landed - Ed Courtney signs for the Phoenix!

Ok yes so spend the next couple of moments thinking up all the 'big nose' comments you can think of! Its fun!

I must admit to being a little shocked by this signing, but what a capture. Other than Mr Hand, Ed Courtney is probably the next best player to have fraced the UK game. In the same vein as Tony, Ed has the hands and hockey mind to match the best in the game. Any guy who was good enough to ice with an NHL side, the Sharks in Ed's case, is good enough for me!

Ill admit during his time in opposition, I took great pleasure in handing out my own comments to Mr Courtney, but I can assure you readers that is only down to jealousy! Lets face it, you would rather have Ed on your side than against it! My shock reaction mainly boils down to already having a player of 'advanced age' on the side. But trade that against what he can do, plus Mr Hand is no slouch, to have both on the same team is exciting for us Phoenix fans!

Just imagine, opposition players getting sick and tired of seeing Tony on the first line tearing them apart, only to have Ed Courtney jump over the boards to carry on the assault! The more and more I think about it the more excited I get!

Plus, it adds a whole wealth of hockey knowledge to the club. This will help the young British contingent immensely. Not only that but the junior clubs are sure to benefit from having Tony and Ed in the same club!

This season is going to be exciting!

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