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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Florida Gators

Those of you who know me will also know, along with hockey im an American Football fan, my team of choice - The Florida Gators. Based in Gainesville rock city the Gators play out off
the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium or 'The Swamp'.

I know American Football is really just a soft version of rugby but I do enjoy watching it, plus I find it amazing that the Gators, who are a university team, play in front of regular 90,000+ fans a game!

So beginning the 5th September, ill start doing as good a game review as I can for each of the Gators 12 regular season games. This is, of course, in addition to my regular game reviews for the Phoenix' upcoming debut EPL season!

The Gators 2009 season is as follows:

September 5th, vs Charleston Southern @The Swap, Gainesville.
September 12th, vs Troy @ The Swamp, Gainesville.
September 19th, vs Tennessee @ The Swamp, Gainesville.
September 26th, vs Kentuky in Lexington.
October 10th, vs LSU in Baton Rouge
October 17th, vs Arkansas @ The Swamp, Gainesville.
October 24th, vs Mississippi State in Starkville.
October 31st, vs Georgia in Jacksonville.
November 7th, vs Vanderbuilt @ The Swamp, Gainesville.
November 14th, vs South Carolina in Columbia.
November 21st, vs Florida International @ The Swamp, Gainesville.
November 28th, vs Florida State @ The Swamp, Gainesville.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere come the Gators!


  1. Just noticed your new post about the Gators, my mate is leaving for Florida in less than two weeks to do 6 months at the university based in Gainesville.

    Apparently 'The Swamp' is near his halls. so he'll be heading to a few games hopefully.

    Kyle (Triple Deke)

  2. Hi Kyle

    Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
    Ive been lucky enough to have been to Florida a number of times, and even to Gainesville it's self. Big fan of Less Than Jake which helps too!

    Unfortunatly the times ive been have been outside the Football season, so im very envious of your friend!

    He'll do well to get a ticket, as I think the Gators have sold out every home game for the past 6 or so years!

    If he does make it in, he will enjoy it, The Swamp is, supposidly, one of the most intimidating stadiums, for opposing teams, to play in!