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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Manchester Phoenix Inaugural EPL Roster

Right so with today's news that the Phoenix have added 6ft Defenceman Andre Mattson the Phoenix now have a full roster. So without further ado here it is:


Steve Fone / England
Adam Summerfield / England


Carl Graham / England
Luke Boorthroyd / England
Joe Graham / England
Ben Wood / England
Andre Mattsson / Haiti


Adam Walker / Scotland
Tony Hand / Scotland
Ian Bowie / Scotland
James Neil / England
Robert Lachowicz / England
Greg Wood / England
Jakko Hagelberg / Finland
Andre Payette / Canada
Ed Courtney / Canada

So that's it a nice mix of youth and experience, im so chuffed the club have managed to hold on to Adam Walker and Luke Boothroyd. Both players could have stayed in the EIHL, and Carl too he will develop so much this coming season! I dont know much about the lads who have come across from Nottingham, but the Panthers have a great youth development system in place they always churn out good young players!

Then Payette and Courtney, don't need to say much about them! The only thing I will say is, in previous seasons they are both players I would rather have on my team then playing against us!

So The Angry Budgie is genuinely looking forward to the new season! Bring it on!

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