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Thursday, 20 August 2009

New for the 09/10 Season

Ok so with the end of August upon us and the hockey season fast approaching, I thought I would do a post outlining what I intend to do for this new season. I would also like any input from you out there in readerland! So ill set out what I plan on doing, then, if you have any thoughts send them to The Angry Budgie email account shown above right, and you never know, I may even use those ideas!

The major innovation for the new season will of course be in-game live updates courtesy if The Angry Budgie's twitter account. You can click on and follow TAB on twitter using the link above.So onto the game coverage, as with last season ill plan to structure it as follows:

  • Short Introduction on the game, possibly including a comment on the previous away game.
  • First Period review.
  • Second Period review.
  • Third Period review.
  • Verdict.
  • Attendance.
  • Youtube link to Phoenix TV highlights (hoping that the Phoenix webmasters do the same highlights package as before!).
  • Link to MEN article on the game.
So that's the plan, if you have any thoughts or comments on how I could improve the coverage please let me know!

Also, as The Angry Budgie will also be covering US Collage Football with the Florida Gators, ill try and do game reviews much the same as my hockey reviews. This is where TAB could use some help! As I cant see the game live, ill be basing my reviews on youtube footage, and highlights from the Gators website. If there is anyone out there with knowledge of good websites and/or reviews of collage football I would appreciate any links you can think of!

Exciting times ahead for The Angry Budgie, I just hope you all will enjoy what you read!

Ill try and get a season preview online before the 20th September, but The Angry Budgie is going on tour early september which will affect what I can do! Will be nice to get a holiday in before hockey madness starts!

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying your summer! Roll on September!

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