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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

LSU Fighting Tigers vs Georgia Game Review Saturday 03rd October

With the Gators not playing last weekend the only game for The Angry Budgie was LSU v Georgia in Athens, this pitted the fighting tigers against number 18 ranked Georgia.

First Quarter: A tight opening quarter saw both teams trading punts, with neither getting into a position to score. Thankfully for the fighting Tigers the only score was to come for LSU, on a second and goal from the 5 yard line, Jefferson found Scott but the LSU running back was unable to break into the end zone. This left Jasper to score a 23 yard field goal, with just 3min 51sec left in the first quarter.

Second Quarter: More a replication of the first quarter, both teams trading field position with no score to show! Again LSU were the only team to score in the quarter, after 10min 55sec. LSU called a timeout and Jasper kicked the resulting 42 yard field goal. The first half gone and the scores were 6-0 to LSU.

Third Quarter: No score in the third quarter, Georgia unable to break through the LSU wall.

Fourth Quarter: Georgia wasted no time in the third to take their first lead of the game. With Georgia pressing the LSU defence held firm to stop three plays on their own goal line. But it was fourth time lucky for Georgia, when Cox faked a hand off and passed for a one yard touchdown. With the extra point Georgia lead 7-6 with 14min 15sec to go. LSU would re-take the lead after a facemask penalty on Georgria would give LSU a first and goal at the 4 yard line. Scott then dived over the left guard to give LSU a lead of 12-7 with 2min 53sec left. Georgia were not done yet, a great 49 yard pass from Cox to King put Georgia at the LSU 16. Two plays later and another pass Chris Hawkins scored a touchdown to put Georgia in the lead 13-12 with 1min 09sec to play. LSU were to break Georgia hearts, with just 46sec to play. On a second and 6 Scott broke the line of scrimmage and past the Georgia secondary to score a 33 yard touchdown, this gave LSU a 20-13 win.

Attendance: 92,746 at Sanford Stadium.

LSU TigerTV Highlights:

So a tight win for LSU which also keeps their perfect season, as are the Gators! But one win loose theirs on October 10th when LSU take on The Gators at Tiger Stadium!

Hold on to your hats everyone!

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